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Chimaira - Chimaira
When I got introduced to Chimaira a couple of years back I was instantly in love. I am talking about their first Roadrunner Records release ‘Pass Out Of Existence’. After listening to this album for a long time the band released their second album ‘The Impossibility of Reason’. This disc was a smash hit around the world. They have sold many copies of this disc. And the DVD, which got released later, showed the public what the band had experienced during the making of this album. And now, after a lot of touring around the world and quite some studio time it is time to release their third album on Roadrunner Records. The album is self-titled and the story behind this title is that the band has really found his own identity, according to the band. When I received my copy in the mail I listened to it for a long time once again, expecting a master-piece, dreaming of the legend status the band was talking about.

Well, to start this review. The band really turned into a new direction, lead singer Mark Hunter has told us this fact in many interviews. The album would surprise the fans because they really had to listen to the album. And so I did, many times. And I have to say the disc is not bad, it is not bad at all! But it is not good enough to make Chimaira legendary for me. Maybe this will happen because of the media hype surrounding the band for the last years.
About the music, the band has stepped away from typical song structures, resulting into longer songs with many individual segments. On the other hand the newly added guitar solos are the best addition to the new sound of Chimaira in my opinion. For example the solo in the first track ‘Nothing Remains’ is really something new they put into their sound. This is something we weren’t used to hear on previous Chimaira albums, so this sure is a good new added quality to this album.

The thing which disappointed me was the fact that I was looking forward to hear some excellent drumming by Kevin Talley. After Andy and Ricky this is the third drummer since the previous disc, but Kevin Talley had a really good resume. Guitarist Kerry King (Slayer) advised the band to ask Kevin, but the things he is doing aren’t that special to me. 
Surprising was the huge presence of the electronic thingy / sampler parts Chris Spicuzza brings into the music. And this element is more present than ever before and this is really a good thing! With this, really good, musician the band creates a more unique identity.

For the rest: the structure of the songs are good, the vocals are great, the production is just awesome like before, the artwork is amazing (once again thank you Chris). Within my surroundings the opinions were different. Some were extremely positive, some were bummed. The album is just perfect but I think I was hyping with everybody else, and maybe that was a wrong thing to do for me!
Chimaira - Chimaira
77/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 9th, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Friday Jul 29th, 2005

Tags: #Chimaira
Tracklisting 1. Nothing Remains (5:38)
2. Save Ourselves (5:11)
3. Inside The Horror (5:31)
4. Salvation (5:23)
5. Comatose (4:45)
6. Left For Dead (5:44)
7. Everything You Love (6:19)
8. Bloodlust (7:21)
9. Pray For All (5:55)
10. Lazarus (7:36)
Line up Mark Hunter - Vocals
Matt DeVries - Guitars
Rob Arnold - Guitars
Jim LaMarca - Bass
Chris Spicuzza - Electronics
Kevin Talley - Drums