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Soulfly - Dark Ages
Soulfly is back with another album! And for the first time in their history with the same line up as the previous album, it is a bloody miracle I must add. Soulfly is one of those bands who can produce albums constantly, after releasing somewhere around May last year they are facing their fifth release in October. According to Marc Rizzo this will be the heaviest Soulfly record so far. After the interview with Rizzo, which gave quite some attention, everybody at the headquarters were curious to the result.
Well, to start this review I must say Soulfly is presenting us the darkest cover they ever had on a release. Finally something that looks like metal. After a brief intro the album starts with Babylon. Instantly you will hear more Sepultura influences into the music; this means the album actually is the most heaviest so far? Maybe it is, the song does leave a great first impression.
And it is only getting better by the song, with the following song I And I and later on Frontlines this album just keeps crushing your brains. This is what a huge part of the Soulfly fans have been shouting for; when will Soulfly make an album with some Sepultura songs on it. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come! And these songs will do great when they are performed live on stage.
Luckily enough the band still got some of its own unique qualities on the album. For example Riotstarter with the dead old Zumbi thing and the true tribal sounds. This is what makes Soulfly and they better never loose this. After this intro which they used more often the actual songs starts; the thing I notice are a lot of electronic effects on this album, sirens and helicopters.
And back to the fact Max is using the same line up as before; he could not have chosen a better line up, the guitar qualities of Marc Rizzo are something you have to respect. After releasing his solo album a couple of months before he is showing his qualities on this album as well.
Before I start my conclusion I have to make one last remark; Richie, you cannot sing, you probably never can, so STOP IT!!! You are doing it lovely on stage with a great performance but keep it there, now it is on one of my records! The idea behind the song Staystrong is great; it is about Mozes, the recently lost grandson of Max, and it is great to see Max attracting his family on the record but this is too much.
As you might have noticed I dig this record. The combination of Soulfly with Sepultura makes me one happy person! Soulfly is back and this time they really are; they even presented us their best record after their debut!
Soulfly - Dark Ages
89/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 4th, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Saturday Oct 1st, 2005

Tags: #Soulfly
Tracklisting 1. The Dark Ages (0:48)
2. Babylon (3:53)
3. I And I (3:15)
4. Carved Inside (3:35)
5. Arise Again (4:10)
6. Frontlines (4:34)
7. Inner Spirit (5:15)
8. Corrosion Creeps (4:27)
9. Molotov (1:58)
10. Riot Starter (5:00)
11. Bleak (4:57)
12. (the) March (1:19)
13. Fuel The Hate (4:12)
14. Stay Strong (8:13)
15. Soulfly V (10:51)
Line up Max Cavalera - Vocals, Guitar
Marc Rizzo - Guitar
Joe Nunez - Drums
Dave Ellefson - Bass
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