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Bile - Camp Blood
Some of you who know me (or my reviews) know that I have a great interest in disgusting sounding shit, especially when made by a bunch of Neanderthal farmers. Now that so happens to be exactly what this band is all about. Sludge, gore, grind and cult-horror are the ingredients for over thirty minutes of fun! I’m considering about calling this the best Dutch release ever…
Those who are familiar with Bile probably never expected to see another release by these guys. I on the other hand, have been waiting for this stuff for far over a year. And now, five years after the release of their debut record The Shed a monster is born.
Now where to begin praising this disc into the depths of hell. I’ll start of with telling you that the guitar and bass on this disc are tuned into drop G. I didn’t even know that was possible, it’s lower than Sunn 0)))! That tuning combined with a very severe distortion gives one of the most gross disgusting guitar sounds I have ever heard. A comparable noise would be the sound of a chainsaw cutting through your pelvis.
The vocals are so overly pitch-shifted it’s like puke flying all over the place. But with a style of music like this you can’t really do anything else to keep it raw and nasty. Loving it!
I think that a new genre in grind has been created with the release of this album. A combination of Neanderthal sludge-doom with ultra brutal gore-grind sounds quite new to me, but very appealing. Maximum volume yields maximum results!
All set in a theme of cult-horror movie Friday the 13th this stuff just bashes your brains in like Jason Voorhees would do. And with Mortician out of the running due to one of their members’ arrest we have a more than worthy replacement. Now just stop reading the mindless blabbering I’ve written down here and get your ass to your local grindcore dealer and buy this shit!
Bile - Camp Blood
95/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Saturday Nov 12th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Nov 21st, 2005

Tags: #Bile
Tracklisting 1. Camp Blood
2. Widespread Bloodshed
3. Resurrected
4. Boot Cracked Cranium
5. Axe Wielding Killer
6. Death Curse
7. Bludgeoned And Beaten
8. Dredging The Lake
9. Crazed Stalker
10. Blood Rorschach
11. Bled Dry
12. Deranged Facial Stabbing
13. The Final Chapter
Line up Ben Voorhees - guitar, vocals
Loek Voorhees - bass
Rob Voorhees - drums, vocals