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General Surgery, Bile, ao - Grind in Arnhem

General Surgery, Bile, Bloodbastard, Massive Assault & Bloedbef - Grind in Arnhem

Finally!! My life has become complete!! I got to see Bile!!! Now I can say that I've seen

Vile, Nile and Bile!!!!!! When I told that to their drummer; Nabbe the Bastard, he actually

started to wonder why their name was Bile. But anyway, this would be an extremely noisy

evening, and thanks to the PA at the Goudvishal, all five bands sounded crappy as hell.


Bloedbef started off, what can I say, it was grindcore. Nothing, and I mean nothing at all

that I can mention about this band that is either positive or negative. Great for them that they get to play with big bands, but who cares.


After that the hardcoreband Massive Assault started off. I must say that there were a couple

of those typical mosh beat-down riffs in it that were kick ass, but due to the crappy sound

all was lost again. The trio didn't get much response from the crowd, except for

some moving heads.


After that another grindcore band hit the stage. Bloodbastard was what they were called and

a lot of violent noise was what they made. Decent grindcore to listen to, only the vocals were

a bit below standard in my opinion.


And then came the moment we had all been waiting for; Bile!!! They entered the stage in a

incredible amount of smoke, so much that you couldn't even see Nabbe the Bastard behind the

drum kit. Afterwards he told me that he couldn't even see his drum kit anymore. The songs

that were played were high speed and brutal as hell. This trio, formed by Inhume's Loek

(bass) and Ben (guitar and vocals) and Nabbe the Bastard (drums) from Insult (RIP) and Hot 'n

Steamy Monkey Love, showed that they could GRIND!!! Even though the PA really sucked,

they stood like a rock and performed quite alright, considering Bile's reputation, which is

to be controversial and provoking towards the crowd. Getting as much stories about their

shows into the world, that's their goal.
This was the first time ever that Nabbe joined in on vocals live. A brutal pitchshifted

voice came from behind the drum kit, announcing songs and screaming like hell. They also had a guest performance of Regurgitate's Rikard Jansson on vocals, whom also lend his services for the new Bile album earlier that day.
They played five new tracks but I could only figure out one of them, since they played a new

slow song. That was immediately followed by the slow track on their first album The Shed called "Defleshing Of Bones". The high technical level of Bile was lost due to the crappy PA, but

that didn't spoil my fun at all.


Then headliner General Surgery entered the stage. In bloodstained doctorsuits they showed

that they were grinding for a long time already and were one of the first to do so in the

early nineties. To me it didn't sound special at all, but to people who had been familiar

with those guys for a long time they sounded pretty good. I only got to see three or four songs

before we had to leave to catch the train. Too bad.


Kick the PA!!!!!