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Bile - The Shed
It was quite frustrating to work on this review. Bile is one of my favourite gore grind/sludge formations and have recently kicked the worlds ass with Camp Blood. I’m to review their previous record called The Shed, which has been re-released by No Escape Records. I’m a big fan of The Shed, so it was really stupid to write something objective about this album
Let’s start with the intro, which is not really interesting. Decent butchery commences when The Shed starts. Slow, simplistic gore grind with a nice sauce, just the way I really like it. (I’m really thinking of giving this thingy 100 points, but that would be impossible) The album has a perfect length of 17 minutes with 9 real songs, because the first track lasts for 2 minutes. One of my favourite tracks must be Prime Meat, which starts really sluggish, but starts to kick ass when Loekie enters with the ultra low bass guitar. Nabbe is hitting his drumkit hard and blubbering pitched lyrics, just as always and I just like the vomiting vocals that are so commonly used in Gore Grind. Okay, track 5 called is Bile, let the headbanging start, really nice song. Nothing special to mention further about this 17 minutes piece of shit, I really enjoyed those 17 minutes for the 60th time.
Bile rules, no comments on that to me, I like it, so fuck you. This record is just the shit I like to listen to when I’m completely wasted on several kinds of delirious liquid. Gore…. Grind….
Bile - The Shed
98/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Saturday Jan 1st, 2000
Gore Grind

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Apr 28th, 2006

Tags: #Bile
Tracklisting 1: Intro
2: The Shed
3: Boiling Flesh
4: Prime Meat
5: Bile
6: Defleshing Of Bones
7: Gutted
8: Smashed And Battered
9: Bloodsoaked
10: S.C.E.X. Or The Saw
Line up Vocals/Guitar - Ben
Bass - Loekie
Drums - Nabbe The fucking Bastard