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Lykaion - Behind......a Whisper
A four track promo from a band I’m not familiar with, Lykaion. I think I can say that the name of the band already is interesting, just whisper it: Lykaion. It sound elfish-mythical or something. The only way for me to make sure is to listen to the record, since the artwork is just copied, as well as the cd.
The most important thing for a four track promo is to give the listener somehow an explanation about what you as a band have to offer. The style, the capabilities, the song writing, production (hard one) and ideas have to be very clear. Otherwise, we almost are forced to come up with a conclusion in the form of ‘we’ll have to wait and see what a total record is gonna bring us.’ 

Well, why would I say all of this? That is, because of the fact that Lykaion might be the first band ever that has worked out these concept very well in a four track promo cd. The cd starts with a great smashing song with a lot of different sounds. Guitar solos, pounding drums, acoustic guitar, signs of relief and very strong vocal lines. The vocals of Mazzilli are very clear and strong, I surely could recommend them to anyone. He combines styles from heavy metal, emo and even power-metal (yet, all of them are clean so no grunting here) that really strengthens the cd. As a result of this, the guitar players are given more freedom to come up with instrumental parts and solos.
The four songs together all contain a different aspect of the band. Where the first one is a real heavy thriller, the second one could be considered as a descent, somehow slow sensitive but powerful song, with the guitars sounding almost as keyboards. The third song (instrumental) is more accessible with the nice acoustic intro while the fourth song describes the band as great individual musicians, yet playing together as a band.

Lykaion, the cd is just like their name, a warm welcome to this band. In the biography, it says that the band has planned to record their first album in July of the year 2005. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any information on the website and since my Italian isn’t that good, we’ll just have to wait and see when we’re gonna cough up our next virtually spent 15 euros.
Lykaion - Behind......a Whisper
No ScoreDetails own production
Released on Tuesday Mar 1st, 2005
Classical Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Dec 6th, 2005

Tags: #Lykaion
Tracklisting 1. Secret of Life
2. Reconstruct
3. Behind....
4. ... a Whisper
Line up Luca Mazzilli Vocals
Fabio Valentini Guitar
Allessandro Sforza Guitar
Valerio Miseferi Bass
Andrea Alberati Drums