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Korn - See You On The Other Side
First of all: a big fuck yoohoo to the wiener-faced dwarf that created the copy control software!! I bought Korn's new album. and excited as I was I instantly ripped it to a superb mp3 format to listen to it in my mp3-player. I was expecting to do some top-notch foot tapping with my trained ankle muscles in the train that afternoon. But a computer-geek at Sony decided to embed a piece of software that screws up the music when one ripps it to mp3. Maybe it's time someone told the big record companies that almost everyone has thrown away their disc-man to replace it with an Ipod or mp3-player these days. Maybe the person who paid 20 euro on a shiny new disc would like to listen to it in public transit? Here's a suggestion for those geeks: stop creating software that doesn't stop the pirate bumrush in the first place, and buy yourselves a fancy new desk with the money you save, aight?

Anyway, after robbing a museum to obtain some obscure 17th century artifact they called "a cd-player", I finally got a first listen at Korn's new disc. And what an anticipation I felt when the current single we all already know ("Twisted Transistor") played! This was one of the albums uncle Napalm was really looking forward to, as rumours had it that the reborn numetal gramps had finally tried on some new sounds! Let's face it, "Take A Look In The Mirror" was a farce with it's "return to the core" and all that nonsense. A cheap crowdpleaser, and a huge dissapointment after the fantastic (more daring) "Untouchables" album. One of the other topics of doubt was the fact that Korn had used pop producers to deliver the album. Would they go pop? Would it suck like a bunghole in lake titicaca?

The answer? Well...


"See You On The Other Side" is in fact one of Korn's best albums to date! A fantastic and epic recording. It's exciting, experimental and on the edge. Finally Korn has taken the logical step that follows the footprints of "Untouchables", and are once again a band to reckon with.

So the songs are fantastic, but what about the eleged pop sound? Nonsense! This is also Korn's best sounding album so far. Crystal clear, but rough when required. It's one of those discs that makes you fiddle with your equalizer to get the optimal listening expierence. Those poppy dudes sure did a fine job, and prove that sticking to Ross Robinson or Rick Rubin for your new album is not always the way to go. I'd even wadger the fact that See You On The Other Side sounds so great is thanks to those new influences at the buttons.

As said, Korn is experimenting big time on this new disc. After the first mid tempo first half, peanut-brained headbangers are in for a shock. As "Throw Me Away" kicks in, Korn is no more. The Korn you knew that is. Ambient tones, industrial rumbling, higher vocals than ever.. It might take some getting used to for all the conservatives, but I'd say: give it a try. Cause tracks like "Love Song" are a true headtrip. It gets under your skin and filets you from inside out. After that, Korn keeps drifting away further and further from the old sound and my beer-belly fills with delight as I drift along with them. After a short burst of energy at the end, the albums finishes off with the epic apotheosis "Tearjerker". A dark ambient Radiohead-like song that eliminates the last chance of Korn returning to their old sound. It leaves the listener hungry for more, frankly I can't wait to hear the next Korn album already.

Korn is dead, long live Korn. Make it a very long life! I suspect that the mentally ill departed jesus-freak Head was one of the culprits of the near-death of the numetal legends, and if that is so, I'd say: Korn gave Head to God, and he can keep him!

Album of the year, no really!
Korn - See You On The Other Side
90/1001Details Virgin Records
Released on Tuesday Dec 6th, 2005

Writer @Boek on Thursday Dec 22nd, 2005

Tags: #Korn
Tracklisting 1. Twisted Transistor (4:14)
2. Politics (3:19)
3. Hypocrates (3:52)
4. Souvenir (3:52)
5. 10 Or A 2-way (4:44)
6. Throw Me Away (4:43)
7. Love Song (4:21)
8. Open Up (6:17)
9. Coming Undone (3:22)
10. Getting Off (3:27)
11. Liar (4:17)
12. For No One (3:39)
13. Seen At All (6:21)
14. Tearjerker (5:04)
Line up Jonathan Davis - Vocals
David Silvera - Drums
Field - Bass
Munky - Guitar
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