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Korn, Hell Yeah, Love And Death - Korn Revived
Korn is one of the bands that has been the soundtrack of my childhood. Ever since their debut album crossed my path I followed them. The last couple of years I did lose them out of my sight. Maybe it was because of the depart of Brian ‘Head’ Welch or the horrible albums they delivered after that, I don’t know. But I did lose my interest in the band. Their latest effort The Path Of Totality, where they collaborated with Skrillex and Noisia, made me even question why I did like them in the first place. But on the other hand, it’s still nice to hear the old tunes that I played in my room over and over again and since they pulled Head back to the band I set aside my differences and take the effort of watching them at the 013 last week.
Sadly enough because of some problems with my car I wasn’t able to catch the first band of the evening. But for what I’ve heard did Love And Death quite some nice things on stage. It’s of course the band of Head himself and with him being back in Korn I question if the band has anymore right of existence.
I had just parked my car at my girlfriends house took the bike to the venue. After all the trouble I had with my car I needed a beer and walked into the venue as Hell Yeah started their set. From the beginning of the set the drums were quite prominent in the mix which caused the guitars do drown. Luckily enough the vocals of Mudvayne frontman Chad Gray did came through pretty nicely. Since I never had the opportunity of seeing Pantera live this is probably the closest you can get to it. The cowboy way, as Gray stated. The only problem is that the sound of Hell Yeah isn’t anywhere close to the sound of Korn and since the entire venue was packed with oldschool Korn fans the band didn’t get the response they needed to create an awesome show.
With the first couple tones of ‘Blind’ the venue defrosted and the party was instantly started. The next hour and a half became pretty obvious that the focus was on the old material of the band. More than half of the songs came of the first three albums and there was no one who protested against it. The last couple of times I witnessed these guys I wouldn´t  give a dime for them anymore. The remaining members had became more of a caricature of the band than producing a decent show. The fact that Jonathan grabbed at the oxygen tank after every song didn’t contribute to this either. But this night was different. It was like the presence of Head has lifted a weight of their shoulders. Jonathan still needed the oxygen tank after every song but their was a band onstage not just several individuals, a real band. A band that grew up together, a band that had a lot of fun being onstage, a band that was nearly dead if you’d ask me. That same band showed me that they could go on for years if they had to. It was like halfway the set that I realised that it was probably the best show I had witnessed from them in years. Truly a great show that gave me the night of my life and even the hopes for a good old Korn album.