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SinKing - Revenge is Coarse
At the Finnish Metal Meeting, I was really impressed by SinKing. Their performance was amazing, and bass player Erno Hyättinen told me that it is actually a very important way to distinguish themselves from all those other bands in the country. At the end of the conversation, I got a copy of their single which I will talk about right now.
Well, the two songs are fast metalcore with a lot of variation, probably comparable to bands like Killswitch Engaged and Betzefer, two incredible bands that raised in the metal scene recently and had just one goal: pumping up the gas and go! The two guitars play together very well, leaving the chords to one of them while the other takes part of the melodies. The singer is capable of a lot of different techniques, varying his incredible strong grunts with clean ones. Most bands use this variation in a wrong way, the clean ones are accentuated too much which results in a loss of quality. Well, not for SinKing. Right from the kick off you get a tank in your face that doesn’t stop till the last notes have been played. It’s really one of the most organized bands I’ve ever heard.
The two songs on the disk prove that the band knows how to write songs, how to present their capabilities within only a short amount of time and I love it! The first one is really hitting the gas while the second one has more breakdowns. Take a look on the website and let’s hope they’ll get signed and come over to Europe soon.
SinKing - Revenge is Coarse
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Released on Wednesday Feb 15th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006

Tags: #SinKing
Tracklisting 1. Revenge is Coarse
2. Reborn Beast
Line up Mikko Paulin: vocals
Kimmo L�nsikyl�: guitar
Ville Koskinen: guitar
Erno Hyv�ttinen: bass
Aki Kuusinen: drums