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sinKing - New Trinity
Only three months ago, I witnessed sinKing live in Helsinki and received their first single ‘Revenge is Coarse’ which made it to the top spot in the Finnish charts. Back then I thought it would take the band some more time to come up with their first full-length album, but already on the 26th of April ‘New Trinity’ was released. If this album would be as good as their performance and if the single was a good representation of the album, then it should be a killer.
Right from the start, when ‘Thrill Through the Spine’ sets in, it’s already clear to me; sinKing is able to be just as psychedelic, extreme and insane as I’ve witnessed before but with a great recognizable sense for melodies. The very noisy metalcore is, due to a fine production, of a kind in which bands like Caliban and The Agony Scene can learn from. All the guitar riffs are clear to hear, combined with a sharp drum sound which gives the breakdowns the little extra spirit that can distinguish a band from others. A good example of this is the song ‘Lies Kill Lies’ where halfway the song an unusual pattern is played in order to make some space for madness.
Another thing that made a positive impression is the fact that sinKing has accomplished to make songs with a lot of variation without getting ignorant. How many times have you heard some bands trying to be ‘different’ by using some kind of reggae riff or different rhythms? It gets annoying doesn’t it? Well, not with sinKing. All songs are going with the flow, with the mentioned variation but without the necessity to think a lot about it. It feels natural. Just like the single, ‘New Trinity’ is full of different patterns which results in a very interesting full-length album.
Then I’d like to make a few recommendations. I think anyone who is into the new stream of metal should listen to this album. The vocals are really strong, sometimes clean, but not like in emo-bands. The emphasis lies on heavy metal and throughout the whole album, that’s what you can expect. Maybe the ‘clean’ vocal lines can be annoying sometimes, like in ‘This Could Get Burned’ (which is actually a killer song by the way, due to a great breakdown) but there’s no doubt that this album has the potential to succeed outside of Finland. Listen to ‘This Could Get Burned’, ‘Revenge is Coarse’ and ‘Balls for Bowling’ and say for yourself. If this isn’t going to give you that pain in the neck, the morning afterwards, then you should probably listen to 98 Degrees.
sinKing - New Trinity
88/1001Details Independent
Released on Wednesday Apr 26th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday May 16th, 2006

Tags: #sinKing
Tracklisting 1. Thrill Through The Spine
2. Stay
3. Lies Kill Lies
4. This Could Get Burned (mp3 on website)
5. Reborn Beast
6. Shakes (mp3 on website)
7. Standing In A Riot
8. Revenge Is Coarse
9. Balls For Bowling
10. ...And The Devil Laughed
11. Pulse (mp3 on website)
Line up Mikko Paulin - Vocals
Kimmo L�nsikyl� - Guitar
Ville Koskinen - Guitar
Erno Hyv�ttinen - Bass
Aki Kuusinen - Drums