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Tool - 10,000 Days
Summer vacation 2001, Athens, Greece. I’m extremely excited to see an original vinyl copy of ‘Siamese Dream’ by The Smashing Pumpkins as a big angry Greek guy enters the record store. ‘What is this shit?’, he seems to be asking, throwing a ‘Lateralus’ copy on the desk. ‘I wanted some heavy music, thrash, not this!’ The owner of the store says he can only apologize which our costumer replies by a big slam on the door, leaving the album behind. I take a step forward, look at what was left and it made my heart rate increase. It must have been the only cd I got for free in a record store and my oh my, what a good one. Ever since that day I looked forward to a new Tool album and now there is one.
Everyone must be aware of the fact that before reviewing such an album, you have to hear it at least five times, maybe even more. In this case, it’s tricky, because the first song ‘Vicarious’ has a very recognizable sound and could well be compared to the previous opener ‘The Grudge’. It’s got somehow the same structure with the tension build up by the guitar riffs, followed by a head-knocking riff. Then it’s time for the, also recognizable, shattering ‘Jambi’. It is in this song, where the vocals seem to be more present than I’m used to.
After two songs, the ‘new’ material starts. The music seems to be focusing more on creating spheres than creating sounds, leaving nothing to the imagination with two 11+ minute songs. The Wings pt I and II are a magnificent piece of tension building with a long introduction with the climax lying just before the ending.
After ‘The Pot’ with a very intense singing Maynard, the record introduces the expected interludes with cult-like singing and a very freaky slow instrumental ‘Lost Keys’ with a conversation between a man and woman as the backup sound. It continues in the form of my favorite ‘Rosetta Stoned’, a very powerful song with Maynard singing a rap in the beginning. ‘Intension’ is a song to be patient with, almost like one big interlude, while the last song really is weird with all its different sounds.
This was a little description but the main question is what kind of an impact the songs will have. Will it be just as on the previous albums? Of course, everyone has some kind of an expectation towards this album and that’s correct. After five years or so you should. But then again, the album is so full of beautiful guitar riffs, weird, freaky sounds and also some new, experimental stuff, that I can only conclude that Tool has not lost its creativity. Maybe 10,000 Days is not as good as Lateralus but it sure is a magnificent work of art. Whereas the previous album did have recognizable song structures, this album is full of different instruments and different spheres and therefore more experimental. Fans of the previous albums will thus have a sound they can rely on, but maybe they find themselves lost in the songs as a whole.
P.S. Take some time to check out the artwork. It can be watched in 3-D by using the stereoscopic lenses, they’re really incredible. It seems that the four photo’s of the band members together form some sort of a puzzle, but that’s still something to figure out.
Tool - 10,000 Days
90/1001Details Sony BMG
Released on Thursday May 4th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday May 10th, 2006

Tags: #Tool
Tracklisting 1. Vicarious
2. Jambi
3. Wings for Marie (Pt. I)
4. 10,000 Days (Wings Pt. II)
5. The Pot
6. Lipan Conjuring
7. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
8. Rosetta Stoned
9. Intension
10. Right in Two
11. Viginiti Tries
Line up Danny Carey: drums
Justin Chancellor: bass
Maynard James Keenan: vocals
Adam Jones: guitar
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