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Danko Jones - We Sweat Blood
I wanna! I wanna! Burn in hell with you! That's the lyric I have been singing for the entire week. And it's driving people mad. Replys such as "fuck off" "shut up you ugly dildo with big ears" "you can't sing" and "DIE!!!" have been thrown in my direction. But I am not here to apologize. I am here to explain. You see, there is this thing that is haunting my life. It's a certain band that goes by the name of Danko Jones. You love him, you hate him.. you love to hate him, but most likely you would like to hate him, but you secretly love him. Cause with this new record it will be hard to deny Danko Jones. The talent, the songs, the power, the attitude. This is a fan review, and therefor a will once again try to aproach this record with as much objectivity as possible. Here goes..

A little bit of Danko history, as if it is still necesairy.. But what the hell. Danko Jones is a band from Canada, on of the worlds alternative music's wastelands (acording to Danko himself). The arose from a scene that nearly didn't and doesn't exist in that part of the world. The world of dirty Rock N Roll. High energized testosterone rock fueled with lots of love for the oposite sex, and played with overwelming dedication. The band fought for the reputation they have today, with near to non-stop touring, and a "never say no" policy when it comes to keeping the story alive. After a compilation of old demo and EP tracks, titled "I'm Alive And On Fire", there was an not to be ignored demand for a real full length album, which eventually became the highly popular Born A Lion album, released last year. After that the band toured with enormous succes through europe, canada, and even Japan. So basicly, if you have never even heard the name Danko Jones when reading this, welcome back to earth. I hope the coma wasn't too unpleasant for you!

So enough with the formalities? What does it sound like? I heard a lot of people say it sounds to much like Born A Lion. My first responce to that would be: get that shit out of your ear holes man! Of course it's once again rock n roll, but what did you expect? Father Abraham and The Smurfs? Anyone who claims that We Sweat Blood is a copy of Born A Lion is plain deaf. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the record must be: heavier. Low tuned guitar riffs, the solos have been cut from the songs and Danko himself screams a lot! Besides the first obvious changes (progress is a better word actualy), it must be said that the material contains a lot more styles of rock than Born A Lion or the older work. The song 'Wait A Minute' for instance is full on punk. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is not to be found on the older stuff. The whole album sounds like Rock N Roll as if it had never been tainted by InPubus and Kelly Osbourne audio rapism. It doesn't sound like the seventies, eighties or nineties. It's rawk. Period.

One thing is clear to me: Danko Jones is NOT a hype. It's alive and sweating blood. Another thing that Danko Jones have progressed on is the field of song writing. Though Born A Lion contained some instant rock classics that one just loves to sing along to, this one has near to only good songs. One or two lesser tracks aside, it's fuckin-a song material. It's going to be difficult for the band and/or label to select the next single releases in my opinion, cause there are way to many good candidates for that title. Most of the songs on W.S.B. are catchy as ever, it makes you sing a long even just the second time hearing it. So more points scored there. Want me to rave through all the songs again? No? Fuck you, I'm going to anyway.

Forget My Name for instance is a great example of a track that will make any concert hall or festival in the near future explode. Next is the utter power of Danko's vocal choards exploited on the absolute winner track 'Dance'. This will also do great during the live shows I'm sure! Great tension build, feelgood chorus, listen to this and you feel happy for the rest of the day, no matter how shitty your life is, I promise. The third track is a love song. But not just for a girl, it's 'I Love Living In The City'. Great riff, catchy once again (like the good ol' cow bell clunking at the background!).. Do I hear a background vocal hear? Is that a female voice? Damn! It compliments the song for sure. Next up is the current single/video 'I Want You'. Once again a highlight, same ingredients as the opening song. It's a smash! For some by now it might be that you are missing some classic Danko stuff on this record. Well feel relieved with 'Heartbreak's A Blessing', all about what Danko is about: work hard, live hard, take the beatings, and work harder, life goes on without regrets. That song is I think the essence of where Danko and his guys are standing today.

As said, 'Wait A Minute' is the suprisingly punkish track, a live hit for sure. Strut is one of the songs that Danko labeled as 'the darker toned material'. It goes to show that It's heavier, and a tad rawer. When hearing this song it sounds like good progress, but more expiriments with this sound will deliver a better result in the future. Sounds promising to say the least anyway! Hot Damn Woman continues with the same expiriments in darker sound. I love the way Danko sings on track like this. It's fullon dirty rock n roll vocals here! For a couple of lesser songs we move through 'The Cross' and 'Love Travel' A very small stain of the shiny black velvet shirt as a methafor for We Sweat Blood. Less Impressed with those to songs. Still great stuff, not to be ignored: Two lesser interesting songs oposed to 10 great ones isn't a bad score. Au Contraire! The record finishes off with the title track that is once again a screamer. Low dirty and still a feel good song. Danko ripps his vocals for the last time on the record right there. And the waiting starts for the upcoming Danko Jones shows here in Holland!

The digipack edition also contains the video for 'I Want You', a documentairy and a ton of photo's. Cool stuff for the fans. But more interesting for the fans must be the bonus track; 'Woogie Boogie'. A slightly controversial track, Danko explained in a recent interview with the master himself, as it was recorded and opinions were divided. Danko said it to be among the best he ever laid out on track, but the band disagreed, and he got out voted. I must say: a damned shame! Danko stated in the interview: "It just is not an album cut". I disagree, and think it's one of the best songs they ever laid out indeed! In the end the similarities to 'Livin Lovin Maid' by Led Zeppelin are there, but I can't agree that that would be a reason not to put it on the album. It would have been a great opening track I think. Oh yeah, Danko, you CAN play like Jimmy Page as I hear it from here, don't worry. Conclusion. Esential. One of the most energized records, important even, of 2003. In Rawk that is. And it sure as hell Rawks! [i]I WANNA.. I WANNA.. BURN IN HELL WITH YOU...[/i]
Danko Jones - We Sweat Blood
90/1001Details Bad Taste
Released on Monday Apr 19th, 2004
Rock 'n Roll

Writer @Lex on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Danko Jones
Tracklisting 01. Forget My Name 2:52
02. Lovercall 2:52
03. Dance On The Ruins 3:28
04. I Love Living in the City 3:22
05. I Want You 3:17
06. Sound Of Love 3:49
07. Heatbreak's A Blessing 2:54
08. Wait a Minute 2:33
09. Strut 2:49
10. Home To Hell 2:12
11. Hot Damn Woman 3:05
12. The Cross 2:21
13. Love Travel 2:56
14. We Sweat Blood 2:56
Line up
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