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Deranged - Obscenities In B-Flat
I was 16 when I first listened to Deranged from Sweden and thought it was crap. Nowadays, I’m 22 and was really craving to hear the new album! Time can change many things, like me being entangled in death metal and grindcore and all that stuff. The new album by Deranged is called “Obscenities In B-Flat” and it sounds awesome!
The opening track ‘Long Live The New Flesh’ sounds quite amusing, with nice blasting riffs and some old school death metal riffs. It isn’t anything new I’m hearing, but the performance is outstanding. The music sounds like a mix between Dismember and Cannibal Corpse, with some of those eerie Morbid Angel riffs. The grunting is menacing and fits perfectly into the mix, not too loud and definitely not too soft. The next track ‘I Torture, Rape, Cum And Kill’ is freaked up, with intense sounding guitar riffs, which instantly made me thinking of Blood Red Throne. Another very nice track is ‘Deflower The Dead’ with a really cool sounding refrain, which will definitely make a decent death metal fan headbang his/her ass off! One of my favorite tracks is ‘Alive Swarming With Flies’, because of the cool bass intro that makes your bowels swarming. This track is filled up with very nice riffs.
Overall, this album really sounds very decent, although it isn’t the most original album I heard this year. I must confess that this album just sounds too damn fine to let it pass by. Very decent death metal wrapped up in 9 tracks is what you get when you buy this album. Hail to Deranged!
Deranged - Obscenities In B-Flat
85/1001Details Listenable Records
Released on Monday May 29th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Sunday Jun 18th, 2006

Tags: #Deranged
Tracklisting 1: Long Live The New Flesh
2: I Torture, Rape, Cum And Kill
3: Crawl With Me Through The Filth
4: Coven Of Death
5: Deflower The Dead
6: Bodyfluids From Unknown Source
7: Alive Swarming With Flies
8: Pray On The Weak
9: Dead In A Ditch
Line up Bass/Vocals - Calle Faldt
Guitar - Johan Axelsson
Drums - Rikard Wermen