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Deranged, Inhume, Arminius - Death Mother's Day
Sunday, at 6.00 in the morning I finally hit my bed. Considering it’s mothers’ day that’s a reasonable time. 15.30 my mother asks me if I’m getting up at all today. CRAP! The show starts within an hour AND it’s mothers’ day. So I get up, gorge myself on some strawberry pie (hmmmm) and jump on my bike. Yes, another typical Sunday one might say, filled with delightful death metal, grindcore, beer and weed. Woopie!
Wooptiedoo! These guys got me to watch two whole songs before I got bored. Death metal, like it’s done so many times before. Like one, if you’re lucky two, cool riff(s) per song. A very young singer though, with quite a voice. Too bad it produced only noise. So I just took my beer and myself to the hallway to talk to people who had just been to Fuck the Commerce. Far more interesting to listen to.
It was six months ago since I had last seen these grindfarmers from hell assaulting my hearing system. But this was a very good attempt to deafen me once and for all. By Lucifer’s pointy tail! That was extremely loud. For the first two or three songs the amplifiers were so loud, I couldn’t even hear most of the drums, just the crashes. You could see Roel doing an ultra fast blastbeat, but you couldn’t hear it. When the sound got adjusted it was better, but it was somewhere halfway the set. I believe when they played the oldie “Fucking Shit” that the sound was balanced out good.
The show was quite good, they were all flying like hell as they usually do, but I have something about Inhume I just have to spill. Find a replacement for Dorus (vocals)! You have Joost (vocals) screaming and grunting his ass of, and right next to him is this guy making an attempt to grunt. In which he occasionally succeeds, but very often doesn’t. Now he does help with the live performance due to jumping across the stage like the others, but he does certainly not improve the music. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy but it’s just that I know quite a few singers who could do far better than this guy.
Ha! Finally got that of my chest, in public even!
Overall I couldn’t complain about the show. A typical brutal Inhume show with the typical Inhume tracks and a few new ones, which sound quite good by the way. And I even danced to my all-time Inhume favourite “Airplane Crash”. Grind!
I had never even heard of this band before they came to play here. And I had never even heard something of this band before tonight. To be honest, I expected it to be crap (to me), since in death metal and grindcore there is just too much of the same thing, like the first band of the afternoon. Boy was I wrong!
Three Swedish men entered the stage and played their asses off. This was no ordinary stomping death metal, this was actually thought through! A lot of start-stop riffs, just love those, a kind of heavy scream-grunt by the bassist, and a drummer that did things you don’t normally see. He had an almost constant double bass going on, only far slower than you’d expect. Which creates a kind of half-time death metal, with fast parts instead of the other way around. The only thing really bothering me about this band was that the guitarist had to do a stupid pose after each song with a look on his face like "throw me your female underwear". And he had too many solos for a band with only one guitarist. I missed the rhythm guitar during these parts.
Besides that, this is a good death metal act with original songs. To be honest, I wouldn’t buy anything of them, but that’s just personal. For me this was just the best way to spend my Sunday!