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myGrain - Orbit Dance
Since 2004 myGRAIN has been creating music. Three members originally played in New Science Band and after this one disbanded the guys continued with a new project. Two self-financed discs were recorded. After the band finalized their line up they re-entered the studio to record their first full length. When Spinefarm contacted the band for a record deal the band was signed and they released their first full length in April 2006.
And this debut album has landed in the mailbox. With music classified as melodic metal myGRAIN enters a genre which is flooded with dozens of (talented) bands. This makes it hard to create something which stands out. When the first song ‘Plastic’  kicks in I am really surprised by the unoriginal but extremely efficient music. I clearly hear a Soilwork clone but I do not dislike the more aggressive style myGRAIN is using.
Aggression continues the following three songs and the album really gets you going. But after a couple of spins the slower parts in some songs get me annoyed. This mainly is because a lot of elements return in the songs and the slower parts are one of them. For example the slow passages in ‘Darkbound’' and ‘Hollowgram’. Whereas the band was non-stop aggression in the beginning, they gradually use more and more slower parts, perhaps to bring in variation on the album . It sounds good the first time but the band keeps doing this which gets annoying after a couple of spins.
myGRAIN is a good modern melodic metal band with some awesome songs like ‘Plastic’ and ‘Pitch-Black’  but they are not able to add something refreshing to their music to step away from the other bands within the genre. This band will still impress the people who like the genre because it sure contains some quality melodic metal. But the future of this band depends on bringing in variation and refreshment.
myGrain - Orbit Dance
68/1001Details Spinefarm
Released on Tuesday Apr 11th, 2006
Modern Melodic Metal

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Monday Jun 19th, 2006

Tags: #myGrain
Tracklisting myGrain - Orbit Dance
01. Plastic (3:44)
02. Cold Reflection (4:01)
03. W.I.F. (3:52)
04. Pitch-Black (4:06)
05. Darkbound (3:59)
06. Humanimal (3:52)
07. Misery Assembly Line (4:11)
08. Downfall (4:06)
09. Orbit Dance (4:25)
10. Veil Of Sun (4:10)
11. Hollowgram (4:21)
Line up DJ Locomotive - Drums
Matthew - Guitar
Jonas - Bass
Tommy - Vocals
Resistor - Guitar
Eve - Keyboard