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Wasted - An interview with Wasted the band
[img][/img] [b]1. Who is Wasted and what kind of music do you guys play?[/b] Wasted is; on vocals Marcellus Wallace, on guitar is Frank Suicide, Dave o�Lution on drums and Jeff McBacon on bass. Wasted produces kick as rock and roll with a lot of other influences like punk, metal, definitely sleez a bit of glam you name it, it's there. But there isn�t rap and hip-hop in it!!!! Don�t expect difficult drums or something it�s just: Kick back and enjoy [b]2. For how long does Wasted exist?[/b] Wallace and I met like 11 years ago, the fist time was a bit like how you meet people in high school , we were in a bar both drunk you know what it's like, but from then we had gone our separate ways until 3 years ago we where both in LA, I was just on holiday chilling playing guitar and visiting acquaintances, when I got on the plane I thought to recognize someone and that was Wallace and I gave him a 4 track and asked him what he thought of it and he immediately started to write lyrics and Marcellus and I both knew Dave and Jeff so soon after that there was Wasted [b]3. The first time I saw you guys you toured with AntiProduct, what was that like?[/b] Yeah great, AP is a complete wacko band (but not as crazy as us), but their front man Alex Kane is a real gentleman, what I mean is what you get is that some bands are really helping each other a lot to get better, and we did that with AP here in Holland and in October we are going on tour with them in England. The previous tour with them was really cool; they are cool guys (and girls) and they play really great music Marcellus: they play just fucking great music and they are REALLY cool guys� and girls!!! [img][/img] [b]4. Have you toured with more bands and if so, which one?[/b] Poeh, Nashville Pussy, Mothers Finest, John Hayes. Last week we played during a festival where Kane played too and the bassist from Kane is the former drummer of Mothers Finest and John Hayes and he saw us and it was immediately like hey guys how are you doing� that was really cool. And now Electric Eel Shock. [b]5. Everywhere, on the outfits and Franky Suicide�s website, you see tiger prints; what do you guys have with that?[/b] Tiger, panthers and such are just cool, if you lay in bed with a girl and she is playing with her nails on your belly, that�s just cool. Last time Jeff had a really ugly hat with a tiger print, what is that about then because it was ugly. Ugly or not we wear what we like and it doesn't matter if it's pretty or not we just wear it. Just like the coat Keith Richards had on stage once, and Keith Richards is God so I had to have one of those. [b]6. How did you get in touch with EES?[/b] We send an e-mail to EES, that�s the way it goes. Then we met James (the manager of EES) and we wanted to play with these guys and James wanted to hear us play and he said he would get us to play with them here in Rotterdam. The organisation didnt want a support act but James brought it so that they couldn�t refuse hahaha, so thank you James! [img][/img] [b]7. You guys have made 1 EP until now, can we expect more in the future?[/b] Well the EP was recorded 2,5 years ago when we just started, but we're actually through with recording the new album it's just only mixing and stuff and we hope that it's finished end of the month and than as soon as possible to the stores. [b]Well guys tanks a lot for this interview and I hope to see you soon again. [/b] Interview by Dinges