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The Answer, Wasted, Skip Intro - Rock 'n' roll how it's supposed to be

After reading this review I was very curious about The Answer live. I already saw them live at the Dauwpop festival, but I wasn�t impressed back then. A festival show of course is always different from a club show, but I went to Amersfoort without any expectations so they wouldn�t disappoint me again. Besides these Irish guys there were two more bands on stage that night; Wasted and Skip Intro. 

I arrived a bit early at De Kelder, so I had to wait for about 20 minutes before the doors opened. It was really cold and my girlfriend couldn�t believe that I was standing there without a jacket or something on. She was jumping up and down, while I was looking at her and peacefully was waiting for my first beer of the night. When the doors opened, we went inside the venue, bought a beer and a wine and walked to the stage. We were one of the first who entered the venue and many others were still standing in line to buy a ticket when Skip Intro started their set. 

This young band from Barneveld won the band competition Gesel van Gelderland the Saturday before this one and because of the publicity and the cancellation of a show with Green Lizard in Harderwijk that night - they are about to split up -  they had the honour to open for The Answer. The three-piece rock band played a short set with the two tracks from their only EP and a new song. The guitar player / singer had some problems with his guitar and he couldn�t hear himself. Because of these reasons (and maybe some other ones) they weren�t as tight as they normally play. The band didn�t have an impact on the audience � even though there were many people from their hometown � and with this set they wouldn�t have won the Gesel van Gelderland for sure. At the 5th of January they have a second chance to show the people in Amersfoort what they really can do with their instruments.

Second band of the night was Wasted. They already played as a support of The Bloodhound Gang and Electric Eel Shock and they are the permanent support act of The Answer during this Dutch tour � consisting of 11 concerts. �With our foot on the gas and no brakes on the fun� is the device of this band from Amsterdam. Their own motto is indeed the best way to describe their music. Personally I wasn�t too fond of this band, but they did well. Also during Wasted there wasn�t much movement in the crowd � except for walking from and to the bar.

And then, after a couple of beers, it was finally time for The Answer. I have to say that I�m not familiar with their songs, so I�m not able to tell you which songs they played or something. What I can tell you is that these guys gave away a great performance. The audience enjoyed their show, headbanged and once in a while started a moshpit on some nice rock �n� roll music. I�ve never had the honour to witness a show of Led Zeppelin, but I have seen some DVDs about them and The Answer really is the Led Zeppelin of 2007. It says enough that a friend told me he saw The Black Crowes a year ago and he was disappointed, because he expected a show like The Answer gave away tonight.