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Deicide - Steve about Deicide, Europe and Hardcore SM

Earlier this year Deicide came with their new album on a new label. Deicide made a good impression with their new album and is ready to conquer the world again. I was talking with Steve by phone earlier this month.


Hi Steve

Hi, how are you doing?

Iím fine, thank you. How are you doing?

Pretty good.

What's your own opinion about the new album?

My own opinion is pretty good. There are some things weíve could done better but overall itís a strong record.

Youíre satisfied with the result?

Yeah, yeah definitely.

What do the other band members think about the album?

I think they are pretty satisfied with it to. It al came through; I mean leach, vocals, drums, rhythm playing. I think itís a strong effort all the way around.

How is the album doing it in the stores?

Pretty good I think. I think we sold about 40.000 records in the US and about the same overseas in Europe. And who know about those other territories like Japan, South America; I guess it doing pretty good in Australia to. Most places around town, youíre going to look and thereís only one left or sold- out. So itís going well.

Finally you guys could leave Roadrunner and signed for one album with Earache. Will there be another album with Earache?

Well theyíve been pretty good for us so far. So we going to see what happen the next 6 months and I would say that they have proven to be a good company for what we do and I think that they are the best one out there for us. So I would be in to a new cd on Earache. A very good company. They really came through.

You've made eight studio albums. Do you still have the inspiration and joy for making another album and being in a band?

Absolutely, I think is definitely one of the best things to do. I canít think about anything else I would like to do to make a living. If I was rich I would do this as a hobby. I like to create music, make it happen, going to the studio and turn nothing into something.

What was the reaction off the audience when you played the new songs on stage?

We havenít got much time to play them yet. We havenít done to may shows with the new record being out. So this tour will be our first opportunity to see how the audience reacts on our new songs. But people whoíve listen to the record told me that they are looking forward to see us on stage. It should be good, they had time to hear the new record and observe the songs.

This summer you will play on Dynamo together with some other great bands, what do you expect from this and what can we expect from Deicide?

Boy, I can say weíre looking forward to this show. Itís a huge bill, Slayer headlining. Itís going to be a great day for us. Itís one of our biggest shows in Deicide history. So we are psyched about it. I like to meet al those people there, playing in front of the gigantic Holland Dynamo crowd. I think people can expect to see Deicide at their best. Weíre going to give them what we got. We will play new songs combined with classics. Thatís what the people want to hear, what the Deicide fans like. We do what we do, make our music happen with the technique and adrenaline. We pound it out through the big PA at Dynamo.

How important is Holland for Deicide?

Itís one of the central sceneís of Europe. I mean there England which is always good for us. Germany, French and Holland. Itís always a pleasure to be in Holland. Not just for the weed and whores either. I mean the Dutch people are awesome fans, They are always gracious and appreciative. Itís a real pleasure being out there.

What do you think about your first video?

I think it was okay. It was our first one and it was kind of new to us. I think it could be? some cooler. But we had a limited budget. But what we did came out pretty good. Itís a medium to get the song out there and it did pretty good what I heard about it. It was highly requested in Europe and it did it pretty good in the States here. We had good feedback on it. Weíre looking forward to make another one.

In the video we can see a lot of bikes, do you have any bikes?

I personally donít have a bike. I havenít been too lucky with bikes. I donít have anything against them. I think it could be fun to ride a bike. But you have to be very careful, especially were we live in Florida. I personally know one guy who is in the hospital because of a bike accident. It almost killed him and he probably wished that it would have killed him. He is not doing it to good. Youíve got to be careful, you can lose your arm or leg. I donít want to lose my leg. I got to play drums with my leg. I donít take to many risks with life and living. I like what I do and I donít want to end this by eating out of a straw or in a wheelchair with a breathing machine.

Arenít you afraid that going to happen to Glen sometimes?

He had a couple of accident with his Bike already and shit his kid paid the crash. He was riding with his kid on the back. And besides that he had a couple of ride inís with his bikes. So Iím worried about him sometimes. Itís not just you on that bike, Youíve got to look out for all those other psychoís driving around in their 18 wheels trucks and dump trucks, speedy cars, people who walks through the lights, drunk people. Itís dangerous out there when youíre on a bike. We keep an extra eye on him.

What interests do you have besides Deicide?

Well music is a big interest, lightweights, hardcore sm sex with hot sluts. Just the middle kind of shit.


All the songs from Deicide are against the Christians and pro Satan, Have you ever thought about writing about something completely different, Like the Islam or something like that?

Lyrically it all comes out of Glen. He seems to have a particular beat for Christians. But I think in general he hates al religions. I think Christians is just a good vocal point for him and thatís were he is focused. Sometimes he writes songs about UFOís, torture or serial killers. Well he is a guy who hates religions and thatís were he findís his inspiration and thatís were he get out the most reaction out of people.

What's your secret behind this line-up, you've been together since 89 with the same band members?

We all know each other very well. We are all friends through thick and thin. Weíve got a good working relationship together. We know how to put songs together. It seems hard for bands to find a strong line-up, weíre all being focused from the beginning and remaining focused on the music and the band for keeping it together. Everybody thinks our band is the main priority.

What do you think about Deicide and the future?

I think Deicide has as much as a future as we want to have ourselves. There will be always some kind of demand out there for heavy music and Deicide. As long as we keep doing our thing we will have our fan base and we try not to let our fans down, and they donít let us down. I think you can expect a record or two from Deicide, a DVD and more touring. Weíve got a couple of years left.

Is there anything left you want to say?

Weíre going to be on the road a lot this year. We will be in Europe in June and will be back there in August. We will do an US tour in September. Weíre hoping to have a DVD out around Christmas. We hope people will enjoy ďScars Of The CrucifixĒ. We are looking forward to make another sick record and keep Deicide rolling. Thatís what were all about. I hope you people are with us.

Well thatís everything for now. Good luck in Europe. I hope to see you on stage soon.

Thanks for your interest and this interview!