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Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption
To most death metal heads, an introduction about this band is not nessecary. Glen Benton has paved and walked the way of death metal since the first album Legion, fifteen somewhat years ago. Their new record is called The Stench Of Redemption and the promotional version I received was filled with voice overs and cut into 99 songs… Fuck that! My player is not so extremely well, so listening to it was not bearable. That’s why I downloaded a full retail version of the album, and used that one for reviewing. 
Well, voice overs or not, I’m still getting a very good impression about the music, when I listen to it. The record blasts out with the title track, and the Deicide sound has gone back to basic! I’m hearing a very cool remastered version of Legion except the tracks have different titles. The songs are somewhat more complex and there has been left some room for the eerie Iron Maiden like guitar solo’s, something I’ve never heard before with Deicide. I’m not a fan of big superduperlong solo’s and luckily those on the album are quite short. 

The second track ‘Death To Jesus’ is a blast from start till end, which I really appreciate. Glen’s lyrics are still the same simple ones, that deprave christianity and everything related to god and Jesus. No problem, although Glen never changed his lyrical creativity. ‘Homage To Satan’ is again a good example. Fuck the lyrics, I like the music as it is. After listening this album 5 or 6 times, I must confess that there aren’t any boring songs on the album. One of my top tracks was ‘Crucified For The Innocence’ with blasting guitars, drums and Glen…. Need I say more?
I can say that I was quite impressed by this new record of Deicide. I thought their previous record (Scars Of The Crucifix) wasn’t that interesting. Fans of Deicide will definitely be satisfied by the new album. It’s just plain Deicide, and that will always remain so, nothing to change about that!
Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption
82/1001Details Earache Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Sep 6th, 2006

Tags: #Deicide
Tracklisting 1: The Stench Of Redemption
2: Death To Jesus
3: Desecration
4: Crucified For The Innocence
5: Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold
6: Homage For Satan
7: Not Of This Earth
8: Never To Be Seen Again
9: The Lord\'s Sedition
Line up Vocals/Bass - Glen Benton
Guitar - Jack Owen
Guitar - Ralph Santolla
Drums - Steve Asheim
Deicide, Samael, Vader, Devian, Order Of Ennead, The Amenta - Winterfest in Haarlem
Deicide, Samael, Vader, Devian, Order Of Ennead, The Amenta - Winterfest in Haarlem