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A Perfect Murder - a chat with Carl

BoEk: Is the name of your band in any way related to the movie A Perfect Murder? If not, how did you come up with the name?

Carl: Totally not. I think that movie sucks by the way haha. It comes from a Santa Sangre song. We were looking their lyrics and then we thought that would be an awesome band name. Here you go.

BoEk: Who is the main person behind the lyrics and what are they based on?

Carl: Frank. Frank writes everything. They are mainly based on personal experiences or on a personal view on something. I can't really tell you much about it cuz I do not write any lyrics haha.

BoEk: Do you guys write songs on tour as well as at home / the studio?

Carl: We write everywhere. I have no job so the only thing I do is writing riffs. Sometimes we have ideas on the road so we sit in the van and start playing some riffs and then we write them on paper to remember. Cuz we have the worst memory ever dude. We never really wrote a song in the studio. We sure did add or replace some things but never wrote a whole song.

BoEk: If you had the opportunity to choose a guest appearance on the next album, who would you choose and why him/her?

Carl: Whoa shit!! That's a tough question. Like humm... I'd like to have Kirk from Crowbar doing guest vocals or Chuck Billy. But man, I would die to get someone like Dave Mustaine doing a guest solo and guest vocals on the album. We'll see.


BoEk: What are the most important things to bring with you on tour?

Carl: Underwear, porn and my little thing to be able to play guitar in the van. 

BoEk: What's your most embarrassing tour moment?

Carl: I don't know man. Like I said earlier, I have no worst memory ever. Hum.. I don't think it is embarrassing but hum we were on our way to Las Vegas with Scars Of Tomorrow and Bury Your Dead. SOT was leading and then from nowhere a car that was going South (we were heading North) jumpes over the wall in the middle of the highway and crush his car right in front of em. Some cars started to fire. They (SOT) tried to help the people in the cars but they were unable to to anything. They were burning alive. That was fucking hard man. Cuz I called one of the band members. I wanted to know if they were ok and I heard like screams and everything. That wasn't cool man. At least they were all ok.

BoEk: What band do you definitely want to tour with once in your life? Why this band?

Carl: Testament. I would have said Metallica but this is like... sure that it will never happen. Testament cuz they are a fucking amazing band. Be able to see them every night and be able to talk with them you know. Hearing sketchie stories and other shit hahaha. That would be amazing.

BoEk: Of course every band wants to have a good interaction between them and the crowd but not every band can fix that. How important is the interaction between you guys on stage and the crowd and what do you do to reach that?

Carl: Like you said, every band is looking for it. I think it always depends on how the crowd loves your band you know. If you suck, the crowd sucks. But if you are a good band that can talk to them, make them feel that they are at the right place, there you go you know.

BoEk: How are the reactions to 'Unbroken' so far?

Carl: Pretty good man. 'Unbroken' has been released 2 weeks ago. It needs time. But man people are totally into it. I'm very pleased and happy.

BoEk: What's your personal favourite from 'Unbroken' and why this song?

Carl: 'Slave to the Clock'. Simply cuz it does have hint of 'Shortest Straw' of Metallica. Haha. Nobody is doing that type of songs these days. So I think it is a song that is very original.

BoEk: Is there any chance you guys will change your style from hardcore to something else someday or will it be "hardcore forever!"?

Carl: Honestly, I don't think that 'Unbroken' is hardcore. We sure are hardcore kids you know. We've been in the scene for a couple of years and we love it. But I think we are more a heavy metal band you know. And for the next albums, it will sure be more like trash metal. We are going to be a perfect murder again .

BoEk: Is there a possibility of touring Europe in the nearby future or is A Perfect Murder staying athe the other side of the ocean?

Carl: No way man. We are for sure going to tour Europe as soon as everyone gets his passport haha. Probably next year. Early 2005. We'll see what happen.

BoEk: What would you like to reach with A Perfect Murder?

Carl: A good status you know. A good fanbase. I don't care to be rich or whatever. I just wanna make a living of that. Be able to pay rent and bills. I wanna play music forever man.

BoEk: Anything left to say?

Carl: Thanks a lot for this interview and we really are looking forward to come over to Europe. Thanks.