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A Perfect Murder - Unbroken

As a quintet bent on crafting their own rules, the members of A Perfect Murder vowed to set themselves apart musically from the tiresome trends that were seriously watering down and obscuring the quality output emanating from the hardcore scene. Well, that's what their official Bio says. And it's true! This band sure knows how to put down some very original hardcore tracks on an album.

A Perfect Murder; hardcore as it is supposed to be. Though not just the regular hardcore everybody plays these days. Fast guitar riffs and very nice drum rolls are worked out very well on this album. These guys sure know how to make you move through your room. Just sitting without moving isn't an option.

The vocals are pretty much like most hardcore bands. Of course everybody has got his own unique voice but the screaming parts are well-known by every hardcore fan I think. Though I've got to admit that the volume of the vocals is very good. It's certainly not blown away by the instruments.

Well, like I said earlier, this is some real hardcore! Fast, loud and banging. With songs like Time Bomb and No Truce, A Perfect Murder convinced me of their qualities. The only thing I want to say to the hardcore fans: Just buy this shit!

A Perfect Murder - Unbroken
85/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Friday Jul 15th, 2005

Tags: #A Perfect Murder
Tracklisting 1. Jaded (2:09)
2. Possessed (2:56)
3. Timebomb (2:54)
4. Speak Without Faith (1:57)
5. Slave To The Clock (2:22)
6. Unbroken (3:09)
7. No Truce (2:01)
8. Eye For An Eye (2:36)
9. Savior (2:06)
10. Boucemissaire (1:57)
11. Die With Regret (2:59)
12. No Pulse In My Veins (4:02)
13. Another Day Another Plauge (3:48)
14. Bonus Track (1:36)
Line up Yan - Drums
Carl - Guitar
Kevin - Guitar
Luc - Bass
Frank - Vocals