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A Perfect Murder - War Of Aggression
It didn’t go completely unnoticed that I didn’t like the previous album Strength Through Vengeance. In fact, I was almost threatened by some guy who sent me an email stating that I was *^(&*)*_#%! and a &(#%@)(&^. He was telling me that my review wasn’t objective. Well, for the last time then: reviews are NOT objective, they CAN’T be! Anyways, by now I have reviewed two albums from this band before; one I liked, one I didn’t like. The score: 1-1. Let’s find out what War Of Aggression will bring us.
Score! 2-1! A Perfect Murder is back with another good (better) album. The band seems to have found the right balance on this one, a balance between Unbroken en Strength Through Vengeance. The music now lies somewhere in between pounding hardcore and straight in your face metal instead of the thrash/hardcore mix they used last time. And I gotta say that I quite like it this way.  
Also vocalist Kevin Randel has improved big time! Where I found his voice highly irritating on the previous album, he now knows to convince me of his qualities. And yet, after noticing his improvement, I have to say I still don’t think he’s a great vocalist but fortunately this time the music around it makes up for that. The biggest minor on this album would have to be the song ‘Fortunate Son’, where he shows one of his weaker sides, being the more melodic/clean side.
War Of Aggression is a nice straight in your face album that fans of the previous albums will definitely dig. If you weren’t a fan before, I guess you’ll never be. Not because A Perfect Murder sucks, they just don’t score very high in their originality. I just have the feeling I’ve heard it all before. But at least they made a big step forward from their previous album so let’s hope they’ll continue that way!
A Perfect Murder - War Of Aggression
72/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 12th, 2007
Metallic Hardcore

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Jun 6th, 2007

Tags: #A Perfect Murder
Tracklisting 01. War Of Aggression
02. Enemy Of Mine
03. Label Me
04. Within
05. In Hell
06. Rapture
07. Disconnect
08. Sadist
09. Fortunate Son
10. Legion Of Doom
Line up Kevin Randel – Vocals
Yan Chausse – Drums
Carl Bouchard – Lead Guitar
Kyrill Ducharme – Guitar
Francois Michel Labrie – Bass