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A Perfect Murder - Strength Through Vengeance
Around the same time one year ago, I received an album from A Perfect Murder. The album was called ‘Unbroken’ and back then I really liked it. Inexperienced as I was then, I gave the album a pretty high score but hell…I guess that was just what the band deserved with that album. Now, exactly one year later, A Perfect Murder is back. ‘Strength Through Vengeance’ is their second album called.
And just for the record, the line-up has been changed quite a lot since their first album. Actually, three (of the five) band members were replaced in the past year. This all sure is hearable in the songs A Perfect Murder has created now but hey…Let’s just see if this album is as great as ‘Unbroken’ is to me.
‘Strength Through Vengeance’ kicks in with quite a heavy song. Powerful and heavy hardcore alike riffs are pumped out of my speakers and: ‘hey, what do I hear now?!’. Yeah, isn’t that almost the same voice as Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed fame? Well, yeah! It is. Damn it! Again an album which lacks originality!
Assuming everybody who reads this review has heard a hardcore album before, I can keep it short here. The new A Perfect Murder vocalist, Kevin Randel, really has the most typical hardcore voice one can imagine. Which means that there isn’t really something new to hear on this album when it comes to the vocals.
The only thing new on the vocal part is the clean vocals. Dude, Kevin, did you wear a way too tight boxer short on those parts or what? I mean, it sounds like a retarded Tarzan from the jungle ‘singing’ these clean vocal parts. Awful! It’s mainly these parts that screw up my positive thoughts about this album.
Besides the vocals, there is of course the music itself. Which is, as I said earlier quite heavy and  powerful. But again, this is all pretty standard. It’s that music I’ve heard a dozen times before. Really, really sad. Especially considering the first album A Perfect Murder released, which was quite a good album! 
But I’m not going to be too negative about this album because that certainly wouldn’t be fair to the band. If you’re into hardcore/trash metal mix-up music this album will certainly satisfy quite a lot of you, but if you liked A Perfect Murder’s fist album then I’m afraid you’ll feel kinda disappointed about this one. It’s not that I don’t recommend this album to you, it’s just more of a warning.
All in all I personally would like to see A Perfect Murder go back to where they were with ‘Unbroken’ on their next album. The music was way more powerful on that album because of the big hardcore based influences. This new album is supposed to sound way more trashy and it shows, in a bit of a negative way for me unfortunately!
A Perfect Murder - Strength Through Vengeance
65/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 26th, 2005
hardcore / thrash metal

Writer @Boek on Friday Jul 29th, 2005

Tags: #A Perfect Murder
Tracklisting 01.Strength Through Vengeance
02. Black Hate Machine
03. Wake Up And Die
04. Snake Eyes
05. Path Of Resistance
06. Deceit Of Man
07. Body And Blood
08. Rotten I
09. Suffocation Of Thought
10. Time Changes Nothing
11. Slay The Masses
Line up Kevin Randel - Vocals
Carl Bouchard - Guitar
Dominic Poisson - Rhythm Guitar
Dave B - Bass
Yan Chausse - Drums