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36 Crazyfists - An Interview with Brock from 36 Crazyfists
Brock Lindow (Vocals) from 36 Crazyfists was kind enough to spend some of his time answering some questions we send his way!

Here they are!

>On the band:

1. You guys are already writing on the new album.. What can we expect from the new cd?

Brock: well i think in general the new record has quite a bit of growth from a positve standpoint, definatly lyrically the record is from a positive aspect of my life as opposed to last record where i wrote mainly about things that truly bothered me in my life...not to say that the new record isn't full of aggression and emotion. It's just from a smarter place.

2. What has been the coolest/strangest/worst gig for you guys yet?

Brock: well there are so many shows to pick from..but i would say the best feeling ive ever had playing music was last summer after our record had been out for a couple months and we returned home to alaska and played to a couple thousand people in our home town...without a doubt i had some emotions rolling inside of me!!! the strangest show by far kinda goes with the worst show ever..we played at about 6 a.m at a hydai car lot on the showroom floor as a promotion for a car giveaway on our local rock radio station...quite ridiculous..this was about 7 years ago..

3. On the european roadrage tour, Steve and Mick had some pretty nasty beards whats the story about that?

Brock: ahhh man were alaskan, beards are a daily laziness...many more nasty ones to come...

4. Name a band (that you like) that would be the musical opposite of 36C

Brock: hmmm well im not sure how opposite or why we are opposites, but i love the cult

>About The Roadrage tour

5. About the roadrage tour..describe the mess that was in the tourbus...or was it tight and clean?

Brock: hmmm well im gonna say that considering it was us and 5.o sharing the bus it was fairly clean...not too many slobs in that bus..i like my shit clean..

6. How many times did Thomas (36C drummer) take a shower on the tour?

Brock: hmmm good question ...he wears the same shit on stage nightly but as far as after the show he genunly keeps himself quite clean...

7. Just a few weeks after the Roadrage tour was over, Daniel and Sharon left Five Point O, which was quite a big shocker for the fans. Did you see it coming while you were with the guys and girl?

Brock: ummm..well not completly but little things here and their..i truly love them all and daniel and sharon are quite different then the rest of the boys in the band sure they are better off without each other and i know that they will go onto bigger and better things.

>About yourself

8. What bands would you love to play with?

Brock: I love to play music with honest people ..ones that dont have egos and ones that are their for the good time....i would love to play with the cult,, the deftones...metallica...really so many to name..but as my dream continues to come true those dreams get closer to reality

9. What stuff do you love to play with?

Brock: myself

10. Do you still have bands you look up to?

Brock: Of course...i love many bands...naming them isnt necessary ..everyone is a fan of different bands...thats why we love music

11. Tell us about your first gig ever, did it went ok, any personal bloopers?

Brock: my first gig ever i was 15 yrs old and i played a party ..quite frightn
ing we played nothing but metallica covers..great time

>Final Question:

13. Are there some bands out there who definitly deserve some more publicity?

Brock: i guess there are ..but i think in due time all of the great bands i enjoy get noticed in some way or another so..i dont pay attention to that stuff much...

Thanks for your time! We hope it wasnt a bore to do!

Brock: no problem..anytime..peace

Interview by Mickel Daelmans / Carn