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Satyricon - A conversation with Frost
Well, this was my very first phoner Interview. My Chief editor Buzz asked me if I wanted to do this interview, because he knows I love Satyricon, and Satyricon have recorded their new album ‘Now Diabolical’. First I was a little scared doing an phoner interview. But then I thought: “Dude, it’s fucking Satyricon man! You can’t let someone else do that.” I was very nervous that day. I didn’t know what to expect. Well, I had my interview with Frost, the drummer, here is the result, I hope you like it.

Hi! This is Frost speaking.
Hi! This is Arcane speaking, from Metalrage.
How Are you?
I’m fine. How are you?
I’m fine. I’m at the rehearsal place at the moment.
Okay, are you ready for the interview?
Yeah, let’s get started.
Recently I got the promo cd of ‘Now Diabolical’. When I put it in my cd player I immediately noticed the similarity to ‘volcano’, but it also sounds different, more grooving. When you started writing, what were your intensions?
We wanted to have very definite, clear arrhythmic structures. We also wanted our album to be organic and with a lot of energy in it. And therefore we choose to make it more simpler in the structures then we did on volcano. We wanted the darkness to flow directly towards the listener. I think we managed very well with that. It is a unique living organism in some way.
Can you tell something about the writing process? How the songs were written?
Most of the songs were created with some structures from the beginning and we had some themes and tried to combine them. To see what work and what doesn’t work. It’s more like, you know, when you are in the mood to create something for one specific song then you work only on that and concentrate on that. And then you move from one theme to another instead of just fitting parts together. We had lot’s of different ideas in the rehearsal room and recorded them and listened to them. Then we made decisions what sounds best for the song.
It’s obvious that Satanism, or anti-christian themes are more present on ‘Now Diabolical’ as on ‘Volcano’. Where do you get your inspiration and what is the message Satyricon wants to bring to the audience?
Well, it’s a kind of poetry, a part of the musically fatality. They are meant to increase the feeling you get when you are listening to the music. The lyrics have the same kind of energy in them as the music has. It’s just the sound in a different form. It’s hard explaining the lyrics. It’s just like explaining a painting you know. Each individual listener will personalise it in a unique way. My personal associations are triumph or preparing yourself for a battle. Other might think something else.
Do you have a part in writing the lyrics or are they all written by Satyr?
They are all entirely written by Satyr.
I love the horns you used in some songs. Who came up with that idea?
They were meant to be there al along. When we were creating the songs, we thought some of them needed this element. But we didn’t need like three guitars, we needed something else. And horns were probably the best suitable instruments that give that special feeling.
What is your favourite song of ‘Now Diabolical’?
I think ‘A new enemy’ is a song that switches a few buttons in me. There is this magical energy that gives me this chill. I can’t really explain what does it. It has energies in it in and I like music that works with that. The darkness shall be forever, the beautiful darkness. I like it a lot.
‘Now Diabolical’ is released by several record companies like Roadrunner Records. Satyr has it’s own label, Moonfog. Why did you choose for a different label?
It offered us the best deal for the album. It’s as simple as that. We are very enthusiastic about it. And the response to the album by Roadrunner was very good.
I noticed the drum sounds on each track differ. Did you record the drums with different microphones so you could choose the sound that sounded best, or did you know in before how it should sound?
Well, there are two things. 1 is that we always try to improve and learn from what we have done in the past. That is a natural thing to do. And we also try to give the new album the most suitable for the music on that album. And that varies quiet a lot from album to album. We wanted to me the drums sound powerful and organic and to achieve that we worked with different microphones, checking them out in the recording studio. It was quiet a lot of work we put into that. There were several difficulties, but we made it.
On your website I saw some photos of you with a guitar and Satyr behind the drums? Can you tell me something about that?
You can make out everything about it what you want, we won’t tell you anything about them (laughs).
In the booklet of the ‘Intermezzo II’, an album you recorded years ago, it says ‘Blessed from below’ is not finished. 'This song
is under construction and will be continued if extreme hallucinations
will occur.' Any progress?
Well we had to write some changes for it performing it live. And therefore it was brought in an new state.
I’m the proud owner of ‘Roadkill Extravaganza’ and I really love it. Can the audience expect another dvd?
Well, what to say…We have no definite plans, so there is nothing to tell about this at the moment. I think we have to get back on that if we made some definite plans for it.
On the Satyricon website at the live section I just see festivals. Why do you just play festivals and no smaller concerts?
Of course we play smaller concerts, but the summertime is the festival time. The best way to promote our new cd is to play at festivals. We love to play in clubs as well. But there good things about festivals at well. Playing on a huge stage…
About touring, are you able to play in the U.S.A. again?
Hmm, you’re getting personal now. The answer is: I don’t know yet. We will see what we can do. I guess we will try again.
About Sideprojects. Can we expect a new Thorns album in the near future?
I know Snorre is working on the album. There is progress but in its own speed.
Are you involved in the new Thorns album?
No, not at all. Satyr is helping him a bit. But I’m not involved. But I know it’s going to be great. I’ve heard some demo tracks. It’s going to be awesome.
Well, that was the last question. Thank you very much for your time.
Thank you. And have a nice day.
Thank you. The same to you. Bye!
Details Written on 2006-03-28
Writer @Arcane

Tags: #satyricon
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