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Devildriver - The prospects and the bullshit

This one was also a while ago, even before some of the festivals I would see them play. But since it is again my third interview with Dez, I felt I could do some other work first. Well, this interview was taken outside, sitting in the sun, with all kinds of noisy fans and cars running/driving by, so I hope my writing is accurate to what has been said. 

How have you guys been?

Fine, how are you?

I’m good man.

Okay first question then. How is it to be back with your first headlining tour already?

Great, I love Holland. I always have a great time when I come here.

I saw that you got added to the Venom tour (which was cancelled later), how the hell did you do that?

Hell, that’s a great word yeah. I think that we are very lucky that they chose us as a support act. Their guitar player approached us, and I want to say thank you to Chronos because I’ve been a huge fan of everything he’s done all my life. So doing that show is just the icing on the cake to what I’ve done in my career, and surely to what Devildriver has been doing. I will be wearing a Venom shirt tonight, hehehe. We’ve got nine dates with them in the US.

The next album, are there plans or any new material yet?

The guys got three or four new songs, like three songs and one riff. We’ve got an idea of where we wanna go, what we want to do. We’ll be in the studio hopefully by January. I’d like to have a June/July release next year, summertime. Once your done with a record, it usually takes two months to finish it. Mix and master it. And it takes another two to three months to set it up for the release. Even we come with it right away it takes at least eight months to put it out. So it’s gonna take a little while, but June or July next year I promise.

But you are coming back this year?

For sure, we’re coming back with Lacuna Coil. Perhaps with Trivium as well. We’re coming back a lot this year.

Yeah, you said in a previous interview you’d like to come here 4 or 5 times a year, and you’re doing it!

Yeah, we are. I’d like to come to Holland four or five times a year. We’re gonna stay for at least four months a year in Europe.

(This is where some annoying fans start honking with a stupid toy, luckily Dez calms them down and already knows it’s soccer season, so we discuss that a little bit)

I read in an interview with Brock from 36 Crazyfists that you guys want to play metal forever. But how long do you think you’ll be on stage?

At least another twenty years. When I’m in my forties I’m still rocking with no problem. I mean if Ozzy can do it.

Well yeah, but he sounds like crap.

Yeah, well, yeah.

Haha. Okay, since this is the third time I interview you, I had trouble coming up with good questions, so I’ve got some bullshit questions. What do you usually eat for breakfast?

I don’t eat breakfast. Unless we’re doing a festival. If we’re doing a festival and we have to go on stage at like 12 o’clock I have to go get something to eat. Otherwise, I eat lunch. I can’t eat two or three hours before a show. Right now we’re at that mark, I had a little bit of food, but not that much. And I prefer to eat Italian food then. You know, I’m in the UK, I get Indian food, spicy!

What do you usually do to kill time when on tour?

In the bus? Drink wine, hang out, listen to music, watch some movies, same old shit. I like to cruise around in the city, I spend all day cruising around. I try to see the places we play at. In the beginning of my career I didn’t do that a lot. I just did the show, and did the show, I didn’t see any of the beautiful places we went to. And now I’m saying to myself I’m getting out of the bus, I’m gonna go see everything.

What’s your favourite cartoon?

Samurai Jack. Never heard of it? Look it up on your computer, Samurai Jack.

Hehe, I will (and then of course I realized that I did know it). What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen a female fan do for you?

I can not tell you. Nope I wish I could.

Is it because you’re married now?

I cannot go into those questions.

Some pretty freaky shit I guess?

You can only imagine. Freakier than you can imagine. Too freaky. Like WOW! What the hell are you doing, I’m outta here.

So it isn’t all that great, hehe. So what’s the last movie you’ve seen?

Last movie? Pfff, we watched Legend last night. An old movie with Tom Cruise. It’s got the devil in it. But it was the only thing on the bus, there’s only like two movies on the bus. Snatch and that, and I’ve seen Snatch like fourteen times. I love that movie.

Okay, do you have anything useful to add then?

Useful? No.

Bullshit then?

Yeah, I love Holland. I was just walking around today talking about getting a summer place here. It might happen, I’ll be coming here with Devildriver a couple of months a year. I just want to enjoy the Dutch culture you know.

You like the Dutch culture?

Yeah, I find the Dutch people warm and friendly, just all around tolerable. Just killer. It’s spring time now, everybody can’t wait for spring time you can see it in people’s eyes.

Yeah this is like the fourth or fifth day in a row that it’s really staying warm now.

Nice, yeah I find your country beautiful man. I’m having a great time.

Well, that’s it then. Thank you, again!

Yeah you too. I’ll go and get ready for the show.