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Collision - Kill Dr. Phil
My fellow brothers in drinking Collision released their second full-length Roadkiller this year, which is a fine piece of thrashing grindcore if I do say so myself. Of course they are entitled to a mail interview, of which you see the result below. My questions were kindly answered by vocalist Tammi, with whom getting drunk has become somewhat of routine lately...

For those not familiar with Collision, could you introduce yourselves?
‘Hey Luuk, so let’s go… we are Collision and we formed back in Los Angeles in 1981... hahaha. No, Collision is founded by Bjorn and me, because we didn’t have shows with our own bands (Dvplo and Juice Tigers) back in 1999. We decided to start a grindcore band with 2 vocalists (because we are both singers, and so we can create a more diverse sound). We asked some local metal grinders to join us, and Collision was born. We play grindcore mixed up with 80ies thrash metal and hardcore punk. We played over 60 shows in Holland, Belgium, France and Czech Republic, wich are always full of agression and energy. Just as we like it!!’
You’ve been active since 2000, what would you say is the highlight of Collision’s career up till now?
‘Pfff, one of them must be our weekend in Czech Republic in 2004, we played in Plana on Friday and in Prague on Saturday. We also supported for Gojira in France in front of 500 people. That show was a blast! Also playing on the Obscene Extreme festival in 2005 was really cool. We played at Obscene in 2002, but we only released a demo-cd then. Last year everyone knew us and went crazy.’
You guys have two vocalists, why did you choose for this, and do you think you would be able to manage the same thing with just one singer?
‘No, with 2 singes we can catch more power and aggression. And because we have different voices, we can create more variation. I think that’s very important in grindcore nowadays.’
What do you hold against Dr. Phil?
‘I think everyone with the name Phil is the devil! Not only that lame ass sidekick from Oprah Winfrey, but also that idiot who tries to help a ‘metal’ band... Luuk, I think you know who I am talking about!!’
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen while playing a gig somewhere?
‘Too many, when we arrived at the Fekal Party in Prague, the first band from that festival was covered in shit with pink toilet paper. I told the other guys: ‘do we have to play on that stage tonight?’... hahaha.’
You seem to emphasize that humor is an important asset in the band, both in your lyrics and on your website. Do you think that grindcore and humor go hand in hand?
‘I think our lyrics are more sarcastic, but a little humor won’t hurt anyone. But I think Collision isn’t a fun band, but more bands should use humor, it’s good for you.’
In movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone? Motivation?
‘Arnie ofcourse, he is one of the coolest actors ever, let him stop playing mr gouvernator, just be the Terminator!!’
Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? Motivation?
‘Star Wars, I also like Lord Of The Rings, but those movies got that lame ass emo moments.’
What is the dumbest question someone asked you in an interview? And was it in this interview?
‘This one! And yes, so it is in this interview ahahahha.’
Have you ever gotten mixed up with the American rock band Collision?
‘Got an e-mail some time ago, from a band called Collision. They want us to change our name. I told them that we both have a different scene. I never heard something from them. I also had contact with the hardcore band Collision in the USA. That Collision had ex Chain Of Strength members, but they split up. Their singer told me that they want to do a reunion sometime. Maybe we could share the bill for a show sometime...’
What can we expect in the future for Collision?
‘We’re working on some new songs for our upcoming records, and we still want to do tons of live shows. We hope we can do some shows in England in 2007, just as a mini tour in Czech Republic.’
Do you have anything to add to this interview?
‘Yes, check out to see us naked!’