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Collision - Roadkiller
I’ve seen these lads who are from around my regions a couple of times, and we were supposed to play with them once too. I know a some of them personally, and I went to Graspop with a couple of them this year. Will that mean that I have presumptions about this release? Certainly not!
Because this is a mighty fine grinding and thrashing metal release if you ask me. I remember me listening to their previous effort Romantic Display Of Love quite some time ago, but it didn’t get to me back then. Now I don’t think I can get enough! I think pretty much everything that I really enjoy about grindcore is represented on Roadkiller So that means blasts, grooves and some joking around in an original way. This album offers you hardcore, thrash metal, death metal, but most of all, grindcore. Grindcore in a way that makes me link towards legends like Napalm Death and Nasum, and I guess it’s pretty much an honour to be compared to.
Add to it a nice production by Colin Davis of the mighty Vile and an overdose on humouristic lyrics that are screamed, squealed, grunted and roared out and you’ve got yourself a very nice album. Songtitles like ‘O My Goth’, ‘Kill Phill’ (Doctor Phill that is…) and ‘Kung Fu Chicks With Dirty Tricks’ sure do put a smile on my face
This album is very suitable for people that into the more fast extreme metal genres, and I’m certainly one of them. I hadn’t expected to like it this much to be honest, but it surprised me in a pleasant, violent way. Grindheads check this out!
Collision - Roadkiller
86/1001Details Bones Brigade
Released on Monday Jun 12th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Jul 8th, 2006

Tags: #Collision
Tracklisting 1. O My Goth
2. Redneck Rampage
3. On The Loose To Reproduce
4. Drama Queen
5. Kill Phill
6. Heading For The End
7. Twins Of Evil
8. Avoid The Masses
9. Body Building Blowout
10. Kung Fu Chicks With Dirty Tricks
11. Car Crash Cruelty
12. Cattle Killing Creatures
13. Attitude
14. A New Age Of Stupidity
Line up Wouter/Tammi - Vocals
Bjorn - Vocals
Luc - Guitars
Boris - Bass
Job - Drums