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Forcefeed - Still very pleased
As Forcefeed recently released its self titled album, sent the band some questions. Here’s what guitar player Marc had to say.

Hi there, how’s life?

‘Hello, things are just fine, thanks.’

Please introduce yourself and your band.

‘We’re Forcefeed from Tilburg, NL. We’ve been around for some 6 years now, playing what has been described as bulldozer-metal. I am Marc, I play guitar.’

How did you guys come up with this band name?

Forcefeed is the title of one of the first songs we wrote back when we started. It’s on our first record When Grey Becomes. At a point we obviously had to come up with a bandname, and we thought the title of that song would make a pretty good bandname. Same principle worked out pretty good for Black Sabbath before, so we thought we’d give it a go too.’

If you had to compare your musical style to any other band, what would it be?

‘Very hard to pinpoint that to just one band. I guess I’d have to say American Machine Head Charge.’

What instrument do you play (brand & type)?

‘I play guitar and do some backing vocals onstage. I use several guitars. At the moment I use a 7-string Viper by LTD the most, I like it a lot. For recordings I use a classic 7-string Ibanez RG, cause outdated and typical nu-metal (and therefore frowned upon.) as those may look, it’s still my favourite guitar playing wise.’

Tell us about writing and recording Forcefeed, did it turn out the way you wanted?

‘Yeah it was a pretty cool process. Too long to explain from start to finish, but it was great working with producer Jochem Jacobs. He made us look deeper into our material and really get the most out of it, instead of just recording the songs we had written like we did a bit more in the past. Which is always tempting because in our enthusiasm we just want to do stuff as quickly as possible, but he made us slow down and focus a lot more. Thanks to that I think we avoided some stuff that would have made us less happy about the record in retrospect probably, which makes we’re still very pleased with the final thing.’

How did you come up with the title for the album?

‘We pretty much didn’t. We had some ideas, but nothing that really made the cut for us, so eventually we decided to just not title it.’

What steps in your career are you most proud of?

‘I’m proud of the whole thing we’ve done so far, and the fact that we’re still doing it and loving it. We’ve seen many bands alongside us come and go over the years. It’s probably the friendship, the fun times and the love of heavy music all put together that makes us want to do this. I don’t even care too much what it is, but we must be doing something right in that department, and whatever it is, that might be I’m proud of. Does that make sense?’

What goals would you still like to achieve?

‘Besides the obvious arena-tours and platinum selling records I most of all want to keep making music and playing it live in front of people that enjoy it. And have lots of good times, meet cool people and visit cool places while doing it.’

What’s the most precious thing you would give up for landing a great record deal and/or lots of publicity?

‘Changing my residence in Holland for one in Southern California.’

Please share your touring/future plans with us.

‘Right now we’re gonna start doing shows again, as many as possible in as many places as possible. We want to get this record out to as many people as we can, and doing that by playing live is the thing we love doing most. So that’s what our focus is on right now.

Anything left to say to our readers? Here’s your chance!

‘Thank you for reading. And come party with us.’