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Forcefeed - Forcefeed
With already its third album, Forcefeed continues to move the crowds with their moving metal. Or, as UK’s Metal Hammer once described these Dutch metallers; “Loud, proud and guaranteed to rock the crowd.” Seems like they’re doing a good job. And I was more than curious to find out whether or not those words were justified. Here’s the verdict of the self titled album that was produced by Jochem Jacobs (Textures).

Now, there’s a general believe that nu-metal is pretty much dead since a couple of years. That’s true in some way. Still, there’s bands out there which are considered the founders of the nu-metal genre. I guess names like Korn and Limp Bizkit with their rap-influenced metal, are bands nobody will ever forget. So, with a slightly new approach, there’s still bands operating in the nu-metal genre. Be it with a lot more groove. Such a band is Forcefeed.

With this self-titled album, the vocal department on this album reminds me a lot of that other great Dutch band called Demia. Music wise it also may remind you of Chimaira and Magnacult. And yes, that’s a compliment of course.

To come up with something new in this genre, is extremely hard. That shouldn’t have to be a problem, as long as the band knows how to grab the listeners attention. Fortunately this album succeeds quite well in that. There’s a thick, grooving metal sound with vocals that fit in perfectly. And it’s especially those vocals that remind me a lot of Demia and even some Dry Kill Logic. The other side of the band is a melodic one. Vocalist Lennard Barendse might not have the best clean vocals on the planet, but I think he does a reasonably good job. It’s convincing and it fits in with the music.

Overall the album certainly is a nice piece of work. Although the songs tend to sound a bit alike after a while, I’m sure Forcefeed is able to rock the crowd with this material. Fans of Magnacult, Chimaira, Demia and even Dry Kill Logic will most likely dig this album.
Forcefeed - Forcefeed
73/1001Details Rusty Cage Records
Released on Friday Nov 28th, 2008

Writer @Boek on Friday Dec 19th, 2008

Tags: #Forcefeed
Tracklisting 01. Grinder
02. Break Away
03. No Answers
04. Of The Masses
05. You Alone
06. Moderation
07. The End Of All
08. Buried And Gone
09. Egotrip
10. Aftermath
Line up Lennard Barendse – Vocals
Bart Beekman – Drums
Marc Maquelin – Guitar
Yoeri van Helvoirt – Bass
Remy Lissenburg – Guitar
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