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Forcefeed - Stainless
I’ll be honest with y’all. At first listen, I wasn’t that impressed with Forcefeed’s brand new disc. The mixture of the later work of Slipknot, Stone Sour with some straight numetal stuff and post-grunge influences failed to impress me.

That was until the last song, “To Not Care” hit my cd player. That song contains one of the best lyrics I’ve heard in quite a while.

“Sometimes it’s better to not care,
I cannot lose what I don’t have”

Damn. Where most numetal bands’ lyrics make ones hairs stand upright in annoyance, Forcefeed shut the negative voice in my head right the hell up with just that song. On that note, I decided to revise the entire album.

I won’t bitch about the fact that this kind of music is dying out in the world. Maybe that can be seen as a strongpoint, the fact that Forcefeed still plays it, and plays it well.
Nor will I bitch about the high percentage of clean vocals on the album. A, the singing’s okay, and B, I know this feature will be highly appreciated by thousands.

I’ll keep it at the remark that this is a good, Dutch numetal album that will entertain a large audience. Add that up with the fine sound this disc carries, and I will fully pay my respect.

Forcefeed might be a numetal group of the likes which this small country has seen way too many times before, it might hardly be an original sound, and one could easily make up a hundred different cheap comments concerning “Stainless”. That might be so.

But sometimes it’s better to not care.
Forcefeed - Stainless
70/1001Details Avalanche Music
Released on Thursday Oct 20th, 2005

Writer @Lex on Monday Dec 5th, 2005

Tags: #Forcefeed
Tracklisting 1. In Spite Of You
2. Time After Time
3. Honesty
4. No One
5. Where I Belong
6. Regret
7. Pieces That Won’t Fit
8. Darkness Is Endless
9. Inside
10. Still
11. To Not Care
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