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Forcefeed - CD presentation
Some time ago Metalrage received an invitation through email from Forcefeed to visit their cd presentation. So Buzzin Hornet and DemonDust ventured out to witness this even at 013 Tilburg.

First band up was Encircled, something that the two of us had heard a lot of good stuff about, but we ad never heard it ourselves. They had already started when we walked in, but it didn’t sound that promising at all. The members were all quite young, so it must have been really cool for them to be standing in 013, but that didn’t save the music. The music was just plain metal with a hint of emo mixed through it. I honestly can’t mention one thing that separates them from the other ten million bands that do this stuff.
But there was one funny part, a solo by one of their guitar shredders was so ridiculously uninteresting I just had to laugh. They really need to find something that distinguishes them from all the other bands in this genre.

Smogus, I never thought I had to review this band. I had seen them open up for Static-X once in the same venue, but I witnessed only three tracks or so. Now I must have at least seen ten and my biggest point in criticizing this band is that they need a big kick in their ass. This band needs way more anger in stead of emo. If they’d even start by tuning down a bit, that would help a lot. Their song structures are all right, but it could be done so much more enthusiastically and a lot heavier. Take down the emo, bring in the heaviness, otherwise it gets boring even if your mix sound awesome. Smogus is just not the style we love but the enthousiasm of the band just explodes on stage; the live performance is slick and well trained which has to be mentioned.

An awesome mix was something that Forcefeed definitely didn’t have. As soon as the riffs got a little heavy and fast, it was hard to make up what was happening. Their way of writing music is almost the same as Smogus’ only without the rap and more emo vocals. Too bad the emo vocals don’t have much variety in them, so after like ten tracks I started yawning, severely. 

The vocalist possesses a powerful scream, and I think he should put that to more use. His appearance suits better with that as well. The music became very predictable as the show progressed which is a bad thing and you could see that in the audience. During the emo tracks they all just stood and stared, but as it got heavy people started to move. And yes that is a subtle hint!

Details Written on Monday Oct 24th, 2005
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Forcefeed
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