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Devildriver - Short but powerful
Tonight was very exciting for me. I got to meet one of the most influential people in the nu-metal scene, and one of the greatest metalbands that have emerged from last year. Yes I�m talking about B. Dez Fafara and his new band Devildriver! I was the last one to interview them and I had to do it during their meal. How uncomfortable! DemonDust: So, how�s the tour been so far? Dez: Killer, In Flames has been treating us very well. Having a good time, hanging out� DemonDust: �getting tired of interviews, I heard I was the last one for today. Dez: Yeah you�re the last one, but you don�t get tired talking about something that you love. DemonDust: So how�s work going on the �Nothing�s Wrong� video? Dez: Ahh good, we�re actually going to film it sometime before Ozzfest. So around May or June. DemonDust: Any comment on why �Die (and die now)� is the last great hate song? Because I seriously doubt that it�ll be the last great hate song from you. Dez: Haha, at the moment it felt like that, but maybe not. We�ll see. DemonDust: What�s the connection between bells that scare away evil demons and you guys? Dez: What�s the connection, uhhh, it was a perfect name for us, Devildriver. Great name, cool meaning, that�s about it. DemonDust: Will any of the bandmembers that were stolen from other bands resume playing with their old bands? Dez: No. John B.: No. DemonDust: What kind of band were you in? John B.: In so many, like an instrumental death metalband, just a metalband, started off in a pop band��. Wasn�t in a rap band though. Hehehe. DemonDust: How often do you get compared with Coal Chamber? Dez: We don�t. People may expect that it�s gonna be Coal Chamber number two but it�s not. Once you hear it you realize it�s not. It�s a lot heavier, a lot more brutal, more lyrically honest, I think. DemonDust: Is there any chance of a Coal Chamber reunion world tour? Dez: No, absolutely not. Out of the question. DemonDust: How�s work going on the new material? Dez: Good, we�ve written four to six new songs, brutal!! DemonDust: Are you going to play any of them tonight? Dez: No. At this moment I just discussed some tracks with Dez and John B., of their debut album, that just every metal fanatic should have!!!! DemonDust: Any comments? Dez: Just that we�re having a great time in the country, being up early, hanging out in the coffeeshops. I�m just going to chill out, have a little bit of red wine, finish my dinner, take a shower and hit the stage. John B.: I�ve got nothing epic to say of any proportion, except that my fries are good. After this, some blabbering went on about them and me, and then I left. A few moments later, after Caliban they entered the stage, and totally crushed us with only seven songs. What a night!!