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Peter Pan Speedrock - Pursuit Untill Capture
After the crushingly angry and aggresive Spread Eagle, one of the most uncomprising and enduring Dutch rock bands ever, Peter Pan Speedrock, release their latest effort
Pursuit Until Capture.
One could argue that after all these years Peter Pan's lyrics about strippers, fast cars and beating people up (with the exception of an occational shoot-out) is the definition of narrowmindedness. But in the end, even though rock 'n roll might be serious business to many, it's pure entertainment to me. Listening to Pursuit Until Capture is like watching Easyrider. It makes me feel good, but it doesn't quite make me want to buy a motorbike. Kind of like watching a football match. Fun.
Having said that, I've hardly a problem with the fact that Peter Pan's latest effort sounds plainly like... Peter Pan. It's still their approach to fast rock 'n roll, it's still about fucking, drinking and bruising other people.
The downer on this album is the fact that the band hasn't really added a real potential live-slammer to their set. Not that it's a filler to their long list of releases and the probably many to be released in the future, it's just what you'd expect Peter Pan Speedrock to do. And for a hardcore fan that's great, for making a release I will be listening untill their next one comes out it doesn't make the grade.
The upper is that their colaboration with the obscure producer Tomas Skogsberg was satisfactioning enough to repeat it for this album. Like Spread Eagle it sounds great.
But as always it's up to the listener to decide. Reviewing albums is nonsence in the first place. But you, the critic of the critic knew that already. In the case of Peter Pan Speedrock reviewing is the most ridiculous of opiniating. What use is it saying Motörhead's latest album sounds like the one before? It's the same thing with Peter Pan. They're here to stay, and maybe the only reason for this is their determination to be whoever they want to be. My guess is they want to be, and are, Peter Pan. And in 2016 they'll still be around doing the same and puzzling journalists with the question what to write about their latest release.
And frankly: thank fuck for that. There is no such thing as rock 'n roll journalism. There's only rock 'n roll, and I like it.
Peter Pan Speedrock - Pursuit Untill Capture
74/1001Details Suburban / People Like You
Released on Friday Oct 12th, 2007

Writer @Lex on Friday Oct 12th, 2007

Tags: #Peter Pan Speedrock
Tracklisting 1. Speedfreak Blitzkrieg
2. Hangin' With The Wrong Crowd
3. Evil Sweet Thing
4. You Do it Or You don't
5. Bottle-O-Dope
6. Cool-school Drop-Out
7. S.O.B.S.O.S.
8. Pursuit Until Capture
9. Gimme Some
10. Straight Back To Hormoneville
11. Heatseeker
12. Dopefiend
13. Sick Boy
Line up Vocals, Guitar: Peter van Elderen
Drums: Bart Nederhand
Bass, Backing Vocals: Bart Geevers
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