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Speedfest 2014 - Turbojugend jeans jackets from all places are melted together with the usual Punks, Skins and Metalheads for the rock n' roll party of the year!
The yearly returning event Speedfest is one for the Punks, Skins and Metalheads. This year it seems to be also the day of the scouting club Turbojugend. The amount of these jeans jackets is uncountable. As every year the festival is all about good music, good beer, good food and DJ Rooie Neger playing the classics.
Early in the day Death Alley is playing their asses off with a mixture of fast and incredible great guitar tunes. Great riffs and solos are combined with thundering drum work. The songs are lengthy bringing the listener into a great rocking vibe. Unfortunately the vocals are the weakest part of the band.   The band is arisen from members of the punk band Gewapend Beton (rip) and the singers voice isn’t yet connected to the flawlessly played Hardrock. 
Herder = Harder. Not at the moment when Dikke Dennis is introducing the band. Behind him the band members look like small and tiny boys. When the amps are blazing out thundering riffs the band is on the roll. Heavy and sludgy metal is coming your way with the last two songs ‘Wasted’ and ‘Sons of Thunder’ as high lights.
…And you’ll Know us from the Trail of Dead is not only the longest band name on the bill; they also play the most difficult music on paper. Progressive punk with a lot of grandeur and melancholic moments is not something you would expect on Speedfest. They change their approach and what’s next is an explosive set of their hit songs. The most punky songs are played in an aggressive way while the beautiful guitar melodies are not forgotten. Halfway through the set the drummer and guitar player are changes position. It doesn’t matter; they are still killing it with the most powerful tunes of the day.
Although the latest album of Slapshot isn’t the next big thing the guys have a pretty steady fan base which lands them a spot on this year’s Speedfest rooster. From the moment that Choke enters the stage you’re in for a treat. The guy has an amazing ferocious voice and combined with his stage presence he manage to get many party started. This day is sadly enough a bit different. Not everybody is into the typical Boston Hardcore sound of the band and having some amp problems on your bass doesn’t help that either. So you could say this show could go down in the books as one of the lesser performances of the band. On the other hand the fact that the band kept on fighting till the last minute of their playing time does mean something. Go Hard Or Not At All!

Kadavar is a trio with the drummer also on front of the stage. The members stay still on the stage but let the songs speak. What you get is Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelin influenced seventies rock played with a killing groove and clean vocals. Swinging your ass is what’s left; the people who didn’t know the band will play these tunes for sure when they are driving on a highway through the American deserts in their dreams or in the future.
Zombies who are playing a standup bass surrounded by all types of other gore attributes; indeed Banane Metalik is in the house. Only with a bandname that stupid you’ll raise some eyebrows. But combine it with the stage presence that is mentioned before and a nice pour of good old psychobilly you’ll have an instant party. This is exactly what took place at the smallest stage of Speedfest round the clock of 7. Nice show and party music.
Oldschool Grindcore maniacs Napalm Death are still nailing it on stage. Singer Barney is still pissed off and is raging like a maniac on stage. Classics like Siege of Power are played together with stuff from the last album ‘Utilitarian’. You might say the drummer can’t keep with the fast paces but still he is doing the best he can on the unhuman speeds. With ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’ as traditional cover songs not much can go wrong. The four British guys prove they rule on Speedfest with their political based Grindcore.
After Midnight’s success of Satanic Royalty, more people began to understand this band plays top-notch old school metal. With their enthusiastic mix of bands like Venom and Motörhead and their executioner hoods, they gave a ripping performance. Because they don’t play that often, a noticeable part of the attendants showed up for Midnight especially. Athenarand his band members sure as hell didn’t disappoint them! Most of the songs are catchy as their topic (being hell), and it was nice to see everyone scream and shout along to them.
During last year’s edition of Speedfest I had this wonderful idea of volunteering to be the designated driver. I can tell you that edition of Speedfest sucked bigtime. It was probably also the first time, and certainly the last time, that I witnessed Peter Pan Speedrock sober. Why? Quite simple. The band is perfect for screaming along with the lyrics. Doing fist pumps and make an idiot out of you. Indeed all the stuff I like when I’m drunk. So it’s pretty safe to say I had a really awesome time with this one especially since I didn’t know shit the day after.
Being highly intoxicated I told myself it was a pretty good idea to see Madball. I don’t know why… I’ve witnessed the band several times. All of them were nice parties but being intoxicated made my mind pretty clear. Or rather blur, you choose. The band is repeating them over and over again. The stupidest thing is that I do enjoy them when I’m sober. Well I guess nothing is perfect. As for the show itself, well the guys do give 120% every time so they probably pulled it of very nicely.
When looking at the crowd, you could see more denim jackets than in the average Levi’s warehouse. All these denim demons gathered together for tonight’s headliner, the one and only Turbonegro from Norway. Again, Turbonegro isn’t a band that plays very often in or around the Netherlands, so when they finally played, a large part of the crowd was shrouded in denim, sailor hats and random glittery make up. Luckily, no one of the crowd was left unsatisfied with the show. Starting off with the intro of ‘The Age of Pamparius’, all of their classic deathpunk hits followed in a steady tempo. What surprised me was that the new frontman Tony Sylvester was more than able to replace the iconic singer Hank von Helvete. I had always thought that the band would be a tame cover band without him on stage, but Sylvester showed he had the voice (and guts) to maintain Turbonegro’s slightly homo-erotic, powerful and balls-out hard rock punk sound. A worthy end to this edition of Speedfest!