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The Damned, The Generators - Hilarious or sad? Je ne sais pas...
I reviewed The Generators a couple of years ago and The Damned are well known to anyone that has any interest in punkrock at all. They were also supportded by a band called The Stealers, but this reviewer (and many, many with him) wasn't on time. I entered Watt (great sound, nice beer, one of Rotterdam's most beautiful women behind the bar) during The Generators and was thrown into another universe... where it is cool wear a handkerchief around your head. Where it's is cool for a band to  wear Charlie Chaplin hats and look like fucking Good Charlotte!!! My god, this was sad! The Generators are hereby one of the dumbest looking bands I have ever encountered, rocking hard in front of 30 people. I really felt for them, because their music isn't all that bad!!! The guitar player even had the fucking nerve to ask whether he was playing at a rockshow or a funeral...start a cool band, dress normal and maybe, maybe people will have fun at your show show dickweed. I guess stuff like this is cool in the colonies on the other side of that great bowl of water, but here; just act normal plllleeeeeeeaaaassseeeeee!!

Then it was time for The Damned. Slowly but surely more people showed up to check them out. Then the laughter could start all over. One of them was dressed like a pirate or something, their singer tried really hard to look like Rob Halford with hair and Screech from Saved By The Bell picked up a piano somewhere along the way. These guys just walked out of a Young Ones episode into Watt (sound was still great, beer was still nice, the girl behind the bar got hotter every minute!!). And the music? The music was allright, except that it got boring after 20 minutes or so. In this case: punk's dead and some graves are better off left intact...