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The Generators - The Winter Of Discontent
As collegue BlackRain pointed out in his latest column, it's spring-time once again and one can feel it in every fiber. And besides the return of the short skirt, having an icey beer on your favorite festival and driving your Citroën with the windows open, there's those typical springtime records that get released around this time of year. What better label to check out for this purpose than I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison records from Germany? With their superb collection collection of punkrock, psychobilly and rock n roll they've always got something nice and sunny up their sleazy sleeves. This time around it's the US "punk'n'rollers The Generators.

Consisting of bandmembers who -in several pre-Generators bands- supported the likes of Rancid, Green Day and The Specials, and make a superb sunny mixture of The Clash, Social Distortion (Doug Dagger sounds like he's been a Mike Ness protege for ages) and Bad Religion, and therefor fit the ..People Like You Records bill perfectly with band mates such as The Bones.

As said this is a spring or summertime soundtrack, and coming from the L.A. punk-scene this is hardly surprising. As vitally important with this type of music, the songs are brilliant singalong punk tracks piece by piece. Songs such as Walking Away , Setting Sail, Crawling On Top, From A to Z or All Brand New all make the top-ten of this 12-track promo disc I received. Chills down my spine are awarded thru each one of these epic tracks, and thats all that has to be said with this type of music. If you enjoy stuff like The Bones, Social Distorion, The Hellacopters, Judasville, The Clash or Bad Religion, treat yourself with this superb mixture of sunrays, coronas and open-window-citroën-driving. The Generators are your 2005 spring-soundtrack, get em while the weathers hot!

Line up:
vocals: Doug Dagger
drums: Dirty Ernie
lead guitar: Ace
rhythm guitar: Danny Damned
bass: Johnny Slash

Track Listing:
1. Walking Away
2. Here I Go
3. Who Is Going
4. Setting Sail
5. Crawling On Top
6. Room With A View
7. Lost In Transition
8. From A To Z
9. In Memory Of
10. Ten Days Away
11. Raining Ashes
12. All Brand New
The Generators - The Winter Of Discontent
76/1001Details I Used To Fuck People Like You
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Wednesday Mar 30th, 2005

Tags: #The Generators
Line up
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