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The Generators - The Great Divide
Enter The Great Divide! The new full length from the Los Angeles based band The Generators found its way into my semi-regular album rotation. I popped this baby into my CD-player and went on with my business, with The Generators kicking it in the background. This is one of those I’m-gonna-make-a–sandwich-and-some-coffee-and-need–some-music-to-accompany-me-on-this-quest albums.
One minute into the title track, I thought I knew this band and thought I owned one of their albums. My suspicions where confirmed by my colleagues at my internship; Bad Religion stopped making music, had a beer, and then continued making music under a different name! Where Bad Religion is the better known of the two, asking yourself which one is the better band is like trying to find out which one of the Olsen twins is the most anorexic. Why do The Generators surpass all the other clones? I don’t think they’re faking it! These guys are for real and just happen to really, really sound like another band, which happens to be more famous.
Good guitar riffs and leads, backed up by some nice drums. Bass players don’t get too much room in bands like these, but the space he’s been given, he takes good advantage of. The vocals are good, but don’t stand out in the pile of punk rock singers like the guys from Face To Face or Bad Religion. The album starts off with the title track; an anthem about the gap between rich and poor and keeps on rocking until the seventh song, ironically called 'Turn For The Worse'.
The song itself is one of the better, different songs on the album, the problem is…it leads us into the eighth song of the album; a cover of the classic The Rolling Stones song 'Paint It Black'. Now covering a song doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I mean look at Jimi Hendrix’ amazing cover of 'All Along The Watchtower' or the Emotive album by A Perfect Circle, but some things are just better left untouched, and if you really have to touch it…for Christ’s sake; change the song! Don’t just make it a little louder!
Overall it’s a good album, all you have to do is skip nr. 8!
The Generators - The Great Divide
75/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Wednesday Sep 19th, 2007
Punk Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Sep 9th, 2007

Tags: #The Generators
Tracklisting 1. The Great Divide
2. My Best Regards
3. I Stand In Doubt
4. So Many Miles
5. In My Oblivion
6. Point Of No Return
7. A Turn For The Worse
8. Paint It Black
9. What I`ve Become
10. I`m Still Believing
Line up Doug Dagger - Lead Vox
Doosky - Lead&Rhythm Guitars
Dirty Ernie - Drums
Ace - Lead&Rhythm Guitars
Ted Hahn - Bass
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