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The Generators - Welcome To The End
When I first entered the internet to search some information about The Generators, I ended up on a page of a Dutch jump blues band. Although I’d never heard of them and that style of music before I draw the conclusion I was on the wrong site. Finally after another attempt I ended up at the site of The Generators from Los Angeles. Just seconds after this I discovered that Welcome To The End was already released in 1997 and was also the debut album of The Generators. This re-release brought to us by People Like You Records was released to celebrate the ten years of existence of both People Like You Records and The Generators.
Some people say re-releases suck because most of the time it is only a way to get some more money out of a certain album. On the other hand most of the re-releases have some cool extra songs on it from your favourite band. Well to be honest I don’t care if an album is re-released or not as long as I just don’t have that particular album. A re-release or not the fact is that we didn’t review it on because we didn’t exist back then. So I have the honourable job to do so.
Listening to Welcome To The End in this year's lousy summer with more rain than sunshine is kind of weird, most of the time I start listening to punkrock in the spring and continue this in the summer. On the other hand we didn’t have much of a summer this year. So I was very pleased I brought this album along on my vacation in Greece. Finally I could enjoy some punkrock and sunshine. This is also the reason several of the songs are still inside my head and I still enjoy them.
Starting with ‘Suspect’, ‘Yankee Boy’ and ‘Plastic Roses’, The Generators are kicking ass from the beginning of this album with typical straight forward punkrock. The only problem with these kind of albums is that nothing is new and that is also the problem of The Generators. Every song on this albums sounds great and has some strong melodies but it’s all been done before. On the other hand this was their first album and they show that they aren’t afraid to explore the punkrock boundaries with ‘Freedom’, which is a peaceful simple song.
This re-release of Welcome To The End is a great album especially with three extra rare bonustracks. The real fans probably already has those bonustracks but for the average punk fan this is a great re-release of a band that is heading for Europe this fall and winter and has their new album out at the end of this summer.
The Generators - Welcome To The End
75/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Thursday Aug 16th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Aug 16th, 2007

Tags: #The Generators
Tracklisting 01. Suspect
02. Yankee Boy
03. Plastic Roses
04. Real Reason
05. Voices In The Night
06. Freedom
07. Snaketown
08. K.G.B.
09. City Of Angels
10. Hangin' Around
11. Welcome To The End
12. Ninety Nine (Bonustrack)
13. Won't Last Forever (Bonustrack)
14. No Feelings (Bonustrack)
Line up Doug Dagger - Vocals
Doosky - Guitars
Ace - Guitars
Ted Hahn - Bass
Dirty Ernie - Drums
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