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Fuck The Facts, Antigama, Dr. Doom - Disgorge Europe
On the Disgorge European tour one date was cancelled, so that we Dutch grindheads got three opportunities to see this live. We went to see the extra show that was put in on a very cool and unique location; a huge boat called the MS Stubnitz.
As was to be expected the first band Dr. Doom started out for just a handful of people. Although they are credited as a grindcore for many times, we can’t just put them in that genre. Yeah, they have many extreme grinding blasts parts, but the coolest thing about this band is their mix with slower, sludgy parts. So it’s not surprising that they feature a member of Greyline. Dr.Doom’s grinding parts were ‘just okay’, but the well done alternation with sludgy parts was what made this band interesting. (Sledgehammer Messiah)
The second support and first Relapse act of tonight was Antigama. This grindcore trio from Poland made a good impression on me on CD, while the remarkable good sound during Dr. Doom's gig gave me even more high hopes for this show. Too bad that they didn't redeem that hope, 'cause the sound was just terrible. The band suffered a lot under Sivy's amazingly large drumkit, which wasn't amplified enough and so we missed a whole lot of notes during the songs. The two cameramen who filmed the whole gig, which was immediately showed on the screens on stage and on several other places on the boat made it still great to watch but even that didn't help to get the small crowd warmed up. I hope from them that the rest of the tour is going to be more successful than tonight's appearance. (Mindsaver)
Just 15 minutes before we had to go catch our boat back to central station Fuck The Facts, with their small frontwoman, appeared on stage. The second band on Relapse tonight, who's recent release Disgorge Mexico is the reason of this tour. From the first note it was clear why this band is headlining. Damn, this is one of those bands which make grindcore really feel like grindcore. Fuck The Facts does not only bring you some terrible noise, but also brings in the entire spectrum of what grindcore is about: you could also see, feel, and yes even smell and taste it. Yum, I want some more! (Sledgehammer Messiah)