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General Surgery, Inhume, Moker, Dr. Doom - Loud noise in its purest form?
DemonDust decided to check out some bad-ass bands at the Baroeg in Rotterdam, Holland. Since I’m a big pussy when it comes to hard ass grind and stuff, DemonDust was willing to introduce me to this. I was helped by many many beers.

The band to start this evening of ultra-mayhem was Dr. Doom, whom I’ve seen twice before. It’s a nice grindcore band with a lot of metal elements in it, making it slightly more accessible to the average metal listener. The band plays pretty tight and convincing, yet a nasty vocalist whose pubic hair is showing and whose pants has a major pee stain degrades the overall show a bit. Still I have to say that I’m not entirely convinced by this band. They put up a good show with some good music, yet it misses something for me. Perhaps in a year or so I will really like them. (DemonDust)

Next up was Moker. Probably the most accessible band of this evening, since I actually liked it! For me this was a good step in the right direction from the crotch stain that started this evening of mayhem. This vocalist was really good, to me that is! Like I said, it was the most accessible band of the evening and therefore also kinda fell out of tone from the others. As far as giving away a tight show they were probably the best band of the evening. The crowd was getting fired up during this performance, au contraire to the previous…(LondonCustoms)

After Moker showed me that there are actually louder things on this planet than Slayer, it was time for Inhume. Apparently there is actually something even louder than stated previous! And I like! I once described an album as ‘loud noise in its purest form’, I was wrong, because witnessing this, there is absolutely no doubt there are sicker things out there. This was also the one that pleased the crowd as they went pretty apeshit at times, yet not apeshit enough. However, the band that had to follow up Inhume seemed what superfluous to me. (LondonCustoms)

Headliners General Surgery had the honour of closing the evening by bashing the brains of the remaining grindheads. After the mind-blowing performance of Inhume I have to say that General Surgery made less of an impression on me. Just some good old school grindcore performed by guys in blood-smeared doctors’ outfits. I guess that four grindcore bands in a row is still too much for me, it’s hard to stay interested in a non-stop rampage of blastbeats and other metallic violence. Definitely not the best band of the evening, but a very worthy closer of a brutal night. (DemonDust)