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Finch, Mallory Knox - A ten year old ode to their debut album
 A post-hardcore band and a hardrock band touring together doesn’t surprise many people, but it’s always quite interesting to see whether these bands are able to set off a show together. Knowing that both Finch and Mallory Knox have a lot of clean vocals, it makes one wonder how good these vocals will be live. Nevertheless it’s the ultimate opportunity to see Finch live, as they’ve already gone on hiatus and have broken up once in the past. Today they were touring because their debut album ´What It Is To Burn” was released ten years ago.

When I walked into the venue the support act had already started. Although the room was quite empty and there wasn’t any movement, Mallory Knox still convinced me during the short part of their set I’ve seen. The band gave it all and thanked the people who came here to see this band. The clean vocals were sometimes a little out of tune, but it was a very good beginning of the evening. The band played quite tightly and some people were singing along. It’s difficult to judge this band based on the 15 minutes I saw them, but they were better than I expected.

After some waiting it was time for Finch to play their “What It Is To Burn” album in its entirety. Because they disbanded in the past, a lot of people had to wait a very long time to see this band perform. Therefore there were quite some screaming fans, and even though it was awkward for both the band and the crowd in the beginning, everything came loose after a few songs. During the song “Grey Matter” the crowd started moshing and it kept on going for most of the  evening. There was even a small circlepit! The band played a little on the safe side this evening, but it fit perfectly because it’s an ode to their debut album. Furthermore the band played really tightly and the clean vocals were spot on! The music of this whole evening was mixed perfectly and therefore sounded better as well. When some guy in the crowd made a joke - he asked what the title of the next song (the song “Untitled”) was - the crowd and the band laughed and another barrier between the groups was broken. The band left after playing almost every song, but came back with a little surprise: they played the song “Worms Of The Earth”,which isn’t officially released on the record, but everyone knows it’s from the same time period. After this extra song, it was time for the last and title song of this evening, “What It Is To Burn”.

After the last note everyone was hoping for some more, but the evening had ended. Although this is only a small tour, everyone hopes that the band will come back again sometime. Maybe they will celebrate the ten year anniversaries of the other albums as well? Only time can tell!