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Nothing More, Zoax - A very intimate headline show which will blast you away
After seeing Nothing More on the big stage in 013, the band showed that they can easily stand on such a huge stage and make a good impression as well. Today they would play on the small intimate stage in the same venue along with Zoax. An evening with just two bands is quite rare for me, but nevertheless I was excited.

As mentioned the only support act was Zoax, and because I was unknown with the band, it was a surprise that only a lead vocalist and guitarist entered the stage. It was a very intimate moment and it was an amazing start of this evening, and a minute later the band was on stage with all five band members and I recognized Joe Coputt (ex-Rise To Remain and AxeWound), the expectations rose higher with every second. The clean vocals which were so intimate were roughly disturbed by the amazing screams from Adam Caroll. He is a good showman and was pretty excited to be on stage for the first time in Holland. While performing very good, he put on some silly faces, sang without a microphone some times and had a lot of chats and jokes with the crowd and fooled around a lot. Sentences such as: "I know none of thee, but we are gonna be best friends" and "let's have a dance, if you don't dance I will fucking kill you" with a huge grin on his face, are describing this act perfectly. The band played very tight, but they also wanted to meet new people and made sure that everybody had a good time. The band was grateful that they could finally play in Europe and the little acoustic song without a microphone and with just one acoustic guitar was amazing. The set flew by and after their set at least 20% of the crowd immidiatley went to the merch table to buy stuff or have a chat with these wonderful guys. The band will release a debut album in 2016 and will do a tour afterwards, so keep an eye out!

After such an amazing beginning, the expectations were pretty high for Nothing More. So while the bar was set pretty high and the crowd was pumped up pretty good, it seemed that Nothing More had even more energy. The band came almost running onto the stage and started immidiatley with 'Christ Copyright'. Followed up by 'Mr. MTV' and 'First Punch' it was clear that the band would play a lot from their selftitled record which was released in 2014. Although the high vocals weren't perfectly reached sometimes, it still was a very good performance and it seemed that the band has grown after their last show in this venue as a support of Halestorm. Today they showed that they are a perfect headliner, even with such a performance by the opening band, Nothing More wasn't inferior to them at all. The band meanwhile announced that they will be hitting the studio after christmas and that they will come back soon enough. Although the band only has one guitarist, you don't seem to miss any note that they play on the record. This is partly because he has a loopstation, but also because this band plays so well live and does a lot of the effects which are on the record as well.

The setlist went by with songs such as 'I'll be OK', 'Here's To The Hearthache', 'Sex & Lies' and 'Surface Flames' .After that song it was time for Jonny, Daniel and Mark to show what they can do with the three of them together on one bassguitar. After this nice solo and a few other songs including their bigger hits 'This Is Time(Bellast)' and 'Jenny' it was almost time for the band to end this set. Normally a band would do an encore, but Jonny said to the crowd that everybody knows that a band is coming back, so it feels a bit fake. Therefore the band wouldn't leave the stage and come back for a "fake song", but stay on stage and give a 150% on their last song, but only if the crowd would give 150% also. First the band would play percussion with all the bandmembers, of course including main drummer Ben which had to learn all the songs withing a week, and they would end with 'Salem (Burn The Witch)'. I was surprised by the amount of people singing along this whole evening, and certainly with that last song. But sadly after this song the set came to an end.

The venue was left down to dust after these two marvelous performances. As mentioned before, Zoax will release a debut album and Nothing More will begin writing/recording in the new year as well. Keep an eye out, because you don't want to miss any of these wonderful bands.