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Fiddler's Green, Bud Spencer Rock Explosion - A great replay from last year
364 days after Fiddler's Green played in Tivoli De Helling, they returned to the same venue with the same support act to re-do the night once again. The Dutch band that got the honour to support this band on this tour, is Bud Spencer Rock Explosion.

As stated before, the first band was the Dutch trio Bud Spencer Rock Explosion and when I walked in, the band just started and looked the same as in my memory. It's a little bit awkward still to hear this kind of music with the view of the band members on stage, Nevertheless, the band still used the same amount of humor as last time and although the crowd wasn't as enthousiastic as the last time, the band still put quite some smiles on faces. After asking who had seem them last year, they used the same joke again by asking if we still had our kazoo's, still nodbody had one. Therefore they asked a member of Fiddler's Green to join in, so that they had at least one extra kazoo on stage. They played songs as "Home Sweet Mobile Home" and besides the amount of fun that the band and the crowd had, the band played pretty good aswell. It is always fun to see these kind of bands as an opening act because they are great for warming up the crowd.

To celebrate their 25-year anniversary, Fiddler's Green entered the stage one by one to give the crowd a perfect evening. While the crowd still didn't seem very enthousiatic, the applause got louder every song and their was movement almost throughout the whole evening. The band played pretty tight and had the ingredients that the band is well-known for. For example the band came off the stage to play in between the crowd, had a nice solo on stage with the 2 percussionists and a violin player, had massive sing-a-longs, the band organized a wall of folk during "Rocky Road To Dublin" for a whole song and most importantly of all both the crowd and the band had a lot of fun. Songs as "Victor And His Demons", "The Night Pat Murphy Died", "Bugger Off" , "Never Hide" and "Yindy" were played and it was a very nice mix of their whole career, which was stuffed in almost two hours. 

While the atmosphere was completely different compared to last year, it was still an awesome evening. Seeing Fiddler's Green live has to bring a smile to everyones face and you know you can expect some good music.