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Northlane, Volumes, The Acacia Strain, Hellions - Changes don't always work out
In 2014 Northane had parted ways with lead vocalist Adrian due to his health and they started a new era with the new lead vocalist Marcus. Because they started a new era, they released a brand new record in 2015 with Marcus on it and of course there is a tour to promote the brand new record. Although this was Northlane's headline tour, they brought 3 good supports. Volumes, The Acacia Strain and Hellions would warm up the crowd before the band would enter the stage.

First up was the Australian post-hardcore/punk act Hellions. It was a quite weird combination with the other bands and there wasn't much show going on, on stage. Therefore there wasn't really any movement either, it really seemed like this band didn't fit in this line-up. Nevertheless the band played an okay show and it was quite enjoyable as well. It was a pity that this was a mismatch with the other bands and the short set didn't help either.

After quite a letdown it was time for definitely the heaviest band of the evening, The Acacia Strain. While this American band is still described as metalcore/deathcore it is quite clear that this band is way heavier than the other bands today.They started in 2001 and it was a real shame that this band had to play as a second support act only, they really do deserve the headline spot in such a venue and they proved it today also. There was a huge gap in the crowd for the hardcore moshers when the breakdown hit and furthermore it was just a handful of people that went apeshit during this set. The amount of people screaming along in the microphone didn't surprise me and Vincent even took a fan on stage to take over a small part of a song. It was an even bigger pity that the microphone of Vincent wasn't that loud throughout the set, therefore it wasn't very clear what the legendary lead vocalist said sometimes. It was a flawless set, and the vocals were really spot on, but the sound wasn't mixed perfectly sadly. After a really short set this amazing performance came to an end already. A note that can't be missed: Vincent is quite a psycho on stage, and although he said that you shouldn't care about others and do what you have to do, even if it is punching someone in the face to relieve some stress; he could laugh about some girls screaming like it's a siesta and instantely had it's partymode on.

Next up was Volumes, a metalcore band from America. They have toured before with Northlane and are quite similar in music in my opinion. Therefore it wasn't really surprising that the crowd went nuts on this set and there was a lot of movement throughout the set. What was quite remarkable was that the drummer was a replacement drummer which had to learn the songs in just two days. To be honest, he didn't fail at all. It was a very good set of the band and quite some crowdsurfers where there also. While the crowd sang along happily, both the crowd and the band seemed to have a really good time.

The headliner of this evening was the Australian metalcoreband Northlane. This wasn't my first time for any of these bands, but this was definitely the worst time of the headliner I've seen. The change of vocalist had a huge impact on their sound and although some people really enjoyed it, I didn't. There was about the same amount of movement compared to the previous band, but the people singing along were much more and was way louder than before. After about halfway their set I deceided to go home, because this new stye really isn't my cup of tea.