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Fear Factory - supported by Mnemic and In-Quest

After enjoying a welcoming beverage (read: Carn went to get beer), the speakers suddenly began to hum. violence all over; In-Quest had begun their setlist.
As an opener for Mnemic and the band most people came to see, Fear Factory, In-Quest did their best to put on a good show. The bass (drum) was way too loud, however, therefore causing a slight 'dream effect': chords were hard to hear because of the massive earthquake caused by the turned up bass.
Initially I didn't quite get why the vocalist adressed the metalfans in the venue in English, considering the band was from Belgium and spoke Dutch. I reckoned they wanted to 'fit in' a bit more with Micheal (Mnemic) and Burton (Fear Factory) who had to adress the fans in English, because they didn't speak Dutch. This was not the case, however. Former frontman Sven had been replaced by MiQe L�fberg, who actually is a Swede. I remember he said 'Dank jullie wel' at the end of one of the songs. It sounded so convincing, I didn't even think of him as being a non-dutch speaker.
Anyway, with pounding tight metal in the style of Meshuggah with a couple of screaming guitarleads once in a while, they did a good job of putting people in the mood for the rest of the evening. Stage action was quite all right; the bandmembers did headbang their share of the evening. The crowd initially didn't pay much attention to the show, but as the band's setlist progressed, more and more people found themselves headbanging on the tight pounding metal of the Belgians.
Not every song was fast, there were also a couple of more mid-paced riffs which I thought was a bit of a pity, because I liked the band's (initially) brutal approach.

All things taken together, In-Quest put on a good show to kick-off a night of thrashing metal!

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. The main reason I am here tonight, since Fear Factory hasnt impressed me the last two times I have seen them. I saw Mnemic before when they supported Death Angel in Den Bosch, and once at Rock am Ring. Both shows where good, but didnt impress me -that- much.

But it seems that this merry group of Danish men spend some time in the rehearsal room! In my opinion, Mnemic was the best band of the night. Basically flawless playing, good stage presence, and good sound as well. From opener "Liquid" to closer "Ghost", the band got the crowd going. Even Strapping Young Lad's "All Hail The New Flesh" got played, which seemed to satisfy alot of metalheads in the crowd.

New tracks like "Deathbox" and "Door 2.12" were great live. I was a bit afraid that the band would fail regarding getting their "cd sound" on stage, but I think that Mnemic "finally" found a good way of playing live. I remember being annoyed by some of the samples when I first saw them, but this time everything blended together much better.

This show actually made me get into their latest cd again and actually like it more then I used to, so I think that says enough!
Fear Factory

And once again it was time for Fear Factory to enter the stage and it was the fourth time on Dutch soil with the current formation. Before the show Metalrage had a conversation with drummer Raymond Herrera and it was clear that this band was touched by last weeks horror. They set started in the dark with only a few lights on. There wasn’t much communication and interaction with the audience, except for one angry moment during the set. Someone apparently threw an object against Burtons head.
The strangest thing was the fact the only played 4 or 5 songs of their latest effort and a lot of older songs from Soul of a New Machine and Demanufacture. The show aspect sure wasn’t what you expect but the show overall was pretty good. From the position I was standing the sound was good, the crowd was good. The lights were poor and the performance wasn’t that good.
Almost at the end of the set it was time to show some respect towards Dimebag. The entire venue was clapping and it sure was amazing to see every single person clapping.

When we look back to this night where 5 members of the Metalrage crew were present it was a great night with loads of laughing, beer and great (loud) music. Our ears were beeping the day after.