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Fear Factory - Bashing throughout Europe
On Thursday the 4th of May Fear Factory played in the 013 in Tilburg. During my trip to the venue several things went wrong; their was no train running and I had to arrange a car to get in Tilburg on time. Luckily enough I managed to get there on time so everything turned out good after all.
After seeing the them last time they convinced me to buy their album, The Comatose Quandaries. So now I recognized a lot of the songs, which was pleasant because their music is more complex than it appears to be at first. They played a very tight set with a not so great sound. So I decided to stand right in front of the stage, where the sound was much better and I also could headbang a bit to the music. And when they played ‘Systematic Arhythmetic Hate’, which has this great break-style intro, my hair was flying like a wet dog shaking himself dry. It was to me a very nice opening act for what was yet to come.
Written by Demondust
Misery Index:
I was looking forward to seeing these noisy fuckers for quite a time, since they haven’t been here for like three years or so, and in the meantime I collected all of their material. I even got their new album Discordia at home to review, so I knew a little of the newer material they played this night. And how they played! Jesus Christ this line-up totally destroys everything!! With a marvellous sound they crunched, screeched and blazed with their unique combination of thrash ‘n death metal with punk, hardcore and grind. I was definitely loving it, my neck begged to differ, but that couldn’t stop me.
We were treated to a variety of old and new material, which all sounded good to me. The new drummer kicks more than ass and balls combined, and he had arms to show for it. The others all played with great enthusiasm and vocalist/bassist Jason sounded as he does on the albums, which is a nice raw commandeering hardcore throat. So, after like a forty minute set the show was over and I have to wait until winter for them to come again.
Written by Demondust
Fear Factory:
Fear Factory has been a lot in Europe the last couple of years, but every time they manage to attract a huge amount of people and this time it isn’t any different. Starting with ‘540,000 degrees Fahrenheit’ and ‘Transgression’ to warm the audience up. The first thing I noticed was Burton’s voice was complete fucked up, he was several times out of tone during the first two songs. After a couple of more songs the intro of ‘Demanufacture’ was played and it was obvious that the audience was waiting for this, in a couple of seconds the venue turned into a battlefield. All the hits of Fear Factory where played, ‘Self Bias Resisitor’, ‘Zero Signal’, ‘Shock’, ‘Edgecrusher’ and ‘Decent’. During these songs it looked like Burton’s voice became a bit better but when they ended with ‘Timelessness’ it became clear that his voice was still fucked up. At the end of the show I was left behind with mixed feelings. The show was great, they played very tight but the singing in de melodic parts was really bad. Also the ending of the show with ‘Timelessness’ bothered me. Fear factory has so many good songs that they could use to end the show and they pick this one.
Written by Niamen