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Cradle of Filth - Supported by Moonspell
Because not a single person of the Metalrage crew was able to visit the Cradle of Filth show in Amsterdam nor Hardenberg we asked around and found Ana-Maria. She visited the show on February 25th and wrote us what the show was like.

Well, to be honest I used to like Cradle of Filth a lot when I was about 16 years old. Though I stopped buying cd’s and supporting the band probably after their Cruelty and the
Beast album. The reason for that was not because I‘d found something better at that time, it was just because I got a bit bored with their “operatic-horror-metal-sound and look”
which actually doesn’t change at all, CD after CD after CD....

And so, after five years not listening to any new Cradle CD at all, I was there, on a friday evening in Paradiso Amsterdam, telling myself not to be too critical about this show. Also knowing that Cradle sounds like shit when playing live. I managed to get in front to take some pictures and found it very amusing too see all these young teens, with painted faces, trying to look as evil as possible all very excited to get a glimps of Dani (who seems to be adored like some kind of 'god '. I realized not much had changed through the years, except well... the band itself. Dani was the only familiar face, all other band members were replaced, and it is obvious there isn’t much connection between them, no teamspirit at all. 

The keybord was somewhere in the back, and Sara Jezebel Deva was hardly noticed. So Dani was walking around from one side to the other screaming and yelling in his weird unique way. They played a few new songs from the Nymphetamine cd, but the crowd went totally crazy when old songs were played again. I think that proves that Cradle’s strength lies in their old material. 

Lucky me, I think I heard enough old songs to not make me regret going all the way from Nijmegen to Amsterdam. I did enjoy the show though. There were some goblins making demonic moves (very nice outfits by the way), some half naked gothic-sluts who were climbing up a rope to do some acrobatic acts above the stage and later on even some fire-sparkles. It was all very well prepared, and obviously done too often, since they didn’t quite seem to enjoy themselves with what they were doing.The show ended with “From the
cradle to enslave” (a very good choice) and then they left the stage. And didn’t return, leaving the audience a bit dazed, everyone expected at least one extra song!

It was a great show for the young ones, and although Dani is getting quite old and chubby, he’s very sexy wearing a skit!

Metalrage wants to thank Ana-Maria for her work and maybe you will see her around in the future!

Review by: Ana-Maria