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Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine (Limited Edition)

To thank Ana-Maria for her work with Cradle of Filth we have given her the Limited Edition of the Cradle of Filth album Nymphetamine. We asked her to give us her opinion about the album. You can find the original review at this location. This review will be about the new added songs and extras.

About Nymhetamine...I can be quite short about this, since it isn’t really anything new. Personally I like that song, I like the video-clip and I adore Liv Christine! I just find it a bit odd to come up with an old CD, put six new songs on it, one videoclip, make a new cover, and expect big sales. 

I know Cradle is a very commercial band, but this looks to me a bit like a desperate cry for
attention. Well, that in a way too nice designed lay-out for a CD! But to be honest, after listening to it a few times, I became quite fond of it. It’s quite sober with more attention on the guitar parts, less on the operatic choire, and the keybords more to the back.The sound is a bit more rough and for some reason Dani’s voice does not irritate me too much on this album. 

The new songs are actually quite amusing, especially Mr. Crowley, covered from Ozzy. With that typical Cradle-sound the songs sounds great. Well I always enjoy Cradle covering, sometimes even more than their own songs and I’m glad they put some covers on the CD. Makes it really worth listenig to it. 

And so for those who claim Cradle never tries something new, well, they managed to create a new sound, experimenting with electronic beats and sounds. Not much of course, they use it in a very nice subtile way, but the results are great. Maybe they will gain more respect in my opinion if they continue experimenting this way. And having the video clip Nymphetamine attached, I’m sure it’s a CD every Cradle fan must have!

For the review of the previous release of Nymphetamine look here. Once again we thank Ana-Maria for her work!