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High On Fire - The night on Fire
Ok, after a night of virtually no sleep I was entirely convinced that I should go see High On Fire again. So I travelled of to Arnhem to witness the show in De Goudvishal. I arrived late so I had already missed the first band Heavy Lord. Not a complete disaster, cause I’ve seen them twice already. I entered the venue and was completely surprised by the amount of people present. There could be no more than thirty people who had taken the effort to come out today. A shame, but the show was again, nothing to complain about.
Winebago Deal:
So the first band I did see was Winebago Deal. Ever heard of power-trio’s? Be introduced to power-duo’s then! A guitarist/vocalist and a drummer, nothing more. It was kind of a experimental stoner-rock ‘n roll project. Most songs I didn’t like, due to the high amount of rock ‘n roll, but there was one track that impressed me a lot. It lasted for about ten to fifteen minutes repeating weird varying start-stop riffs in different orders. At least that’s how I’d describe it. And every time when you’d think they struck the last note, they’d continue the song. Very weird indeed, just too bad it was the only song I really liked.
High On Fire:
So one day you see a packed venue moshing and pushing it’s way throughout the High On Fire show, the day after thirty people show up. Quite a difference, and by the look on Matt Pike’s face we shouldn’t expect too much here. Boy was I wrong.
The minute they kicked in again with “Devilution” they again grabbed my by the throat and didn’t let go until the last note was played. The set was quite the same as the one on the Roadburn festival, except that they didn’t play “Speedwolf “ this time. They did get a enthusiastic crowd response after each song and it was visually appreciated. No taking it easy but play at full strength! And at what volume! After the show Matt told me that this was the loudest show they had played up till now and telling by the peep in my ear he was damn right! This time I actually saw mister Joe Preston making a tiny mistake which he corrected quite well I might add. That was also the only mistake I saw in both shows…
I still could not resist letting my hair fly in tracks like “Hung, Drawn and Quartered”, “Last”, “The Face Of Oblivion” and “Blessed Black Wings”. Such unique songs deserve to be headbanged to. I was very glad I had decided to go again and I just can’t wait until their return. They lived up to my expectations just the way I wanted them to and made me feel confident when I announce that High On Fire truly is the best stoner (-metal) ever made.